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[SPOILERS] CARLEY [Ep 3 discussion]

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Hey i am really annoyed about carley being shot when it happend i didnt even want to carry on playing anyway maybe they could bring carly back she could have just been grazed by the bullet.No one even checked to she if she was dead the group could meet up with her again.I wont be buying anymore episodes unless carly comes back my friends also said the same.

Please say in the comments that you want carly back and make a thread about this and then maybe telltale games will see that we want carly back.
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  • Gman5852;667399 said:
    I was watching a Lets play of the series, and it was a perfect headshot from what I saw.
    Don't know how you saw that as a "perfect headshot"
    Clearly you see the red dot and the blood from the bullet afterwards. Pierced through her skull and directly into her cheek. Not a perfect headshot at all.....

    Just saying:p
  • I think somebody got shot in the head in one of the comics and survived :P So Carley can too
  • YamiRaziel;667386 said:
    Is it possible that you're giving this romance more foundation than it actually had? Except for a kiss on the cheek I haven't seen anything that would indicate Lee was in love with Charley.
    Plus Lilly shot a gun near a zombie infested forest. They didn't really have time to check anything. If you leave Lilly behind you can even see one of the walkers running towards her.
    If you talk to Katjaa about Carley Lee confirms he has feelings for her. I thought it was bs when I read it on the wiki but it actually does happen.
  • Unless it's just a slight graze (which would still have stunned her or knocked her out) "or" Lilly had a change of heart and did something to save her from a non-fatal wound..... She's gone.

    Country road, at night, bullet wound, walkers, and Crazy Lilly?

    Not good odds.
  • Carley death kinda annoyed me cause it seem like another situation were my choices seem to not matter. I think there shud have been another option were if i made different choices she would have lived.
  • There should have been a choice which I could choose to kill Lilly, the son of a b**** >_>
  • Yea i thought this game was about "choices"? that clearly wasn't a choice, it felt forced onto the player
  • Honestly, I am fine if TTG brings Carley back or if they don't. I was really sad and upset that I could not save her; but when I found out that I could not save her anyway, I was slightly better. I think the bringing her back in a dream is a cool idea. If she actually didn't die and comes back some how. thats cool with me. If she doesn't come back ever, im fine with that. But no matter what happens, I will keep playing these games! TTG has done an AMAZING job with this game and I love it!
  • Lars80;667374 said:
    We dont know where Carley was shot or if she suffered brain damage. .
    Now, I'm no doctor, but it looked to be somewhere in the 'point blank range in the head' area. Studies have shown these types of injuries usually result in death.
  • Xarne;667705 said:
    Now, I'm no doctor, but it looked to be somewhere in the 'point blank range in the head' area. Studies have shown these types of injuries usually result in death.
    There was a real story of a female cop who got shot point blank in the face and was still able to function and walk. Backup didn't know how bad she was and they made her walk down several flights of stairs to the ambulance.

    I believe she got shot between her nose and her left cheek but I have no idea of the size of the gun, maybe a 38 revolver. The place where the bullet hits is important but so is luck. However, all of this is pointless for Carley if help doesn't come along and able to give medical aid.
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