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[SPOILERS] CARLEY [Ep 3 discussion]

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Hey i am really annoyed about carley being shot when it happend i didnt even want to carry on playing anyway maybe they could bring carly back she could have just been grazed by the bullet.No one even checked to she if she was dead the group could meet up with her again.I wont be buying anymore episodes unless carly comes back my friends also said the same.

Please say in the comments that you want carly back and make a thread about this and then maybe telltale games will see that we want carly back.
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  • ZombieGoBoom;667725 said:
    ... to the ambulance..
    Carley is dead.
  • unless she got medivac'd to a hospital as soon as you drove off, she'd bleed out from blood loss, and Lilly didn't exactly run off to get towels to slow the bleeding :(
  • Carley is dead. End of discussion. It sucks, it's painful, and it isn't fair for her or Lee, but she's dead. Save a dream/hallucination, we won't be seeing her again.
  • i really hope Lee sees her in a dream, just to have some closure. It just happened so fast and nothing was said about it
  • Xarne;667728 said:
    Carley is dead.
    ZombieGoBoom;667725 said:
    However, all of this is pointless for Carley if help doesn't come along and able to give medical aid.
    I believe I covered that part or did you stopped reading.
  • ZombieGoBoom;667744 said:
    I believe I covered that part or did you stopped reading.
    Well you were talking about ambulances like that service is still available. It's not. Even if it were, there's no 911 to alert anymore the ambulance. That miracle scenario you presented only existed because there were medical services at the ready to assist.
  • oh Carley... so many feels... :(

    the thing is, i felt that this is EXACTLY something Kirkman would have done. get attached to a character, and when things start to look rosy, he'd kill 'em off without so much of a warning.

    i remembered what Lee said to Katjaa afterwards about romance not being a good idea at the time. Part of me felt that it was Telltale's way of saying they've heard what the fans wanted and gave in.

    now if only it lasted until finale... :(
  • Just a movement to Bring Back Carly or Doug in a later episode or for Telltale to release a patch to allow these characters to live on. Lets make #BringBackCarly & #BringBackDoug trending on twiter. Make sure tweet these and this facebook page Now I am not completely torn about there deaths I just want more choice in The Walking Dead.
  • get over it, they're dead, dude. you people couldn't handle the comics.
  • I have read some of the comics, I just would like more a chance to have them live.
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