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Lee's New Love Interest: Clem's Mom

posted by Red Panda on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users
Think about it. Clem's Dad is probably dead, Lee's been taking good care of Clem, and maybe she lost some weight after months of little food.

They end up finding her in some underground camp, she's totally a MILF now, and it's on from there!

He's totally going to bone her.

Yeah, I'm sure this is what's going to happen.
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  • Zeruis;666584 said:
    No thank you. I take it on the fact that Ed is still alive. Besides, Diana is probably going to realize that Lee is a convicted killer, so...
    you know their many times have you played this?
    And what does being a convicted killer mean in a ZA? You're either alive or a walker at this point.
  • wha- Clem's mom? now THAT's a stretch...
  • Red Panda;667409 said:
    Thanks again bro. Some people told me I have trouble picking up on sarcasm and I miss things, especially when it's subtle, so it's nice to hear the opposite from someone that obviously doesn't have those problems. I'm not stupid! You know? thanks again :)
    And yet you insist on calling me "bro". I think I understand why you're living vicariously.
  • OTBASH;667716 said:
    I think there will be some love interest between Lee and Clem's mom (if she's even alive). But seriously, a love interests from here on, I would rather just have the game not just focus on surviving and the Lee and Clem relationship. I don't know about you all but it is not my number one top priority to protect Clementine from now on, it's getting pussy.
  • mukhlisz;667787 said:
    wha- Clem's mom? now THAT's hot...
  • Cyreen;667794 said:
    And yet you insist on calling me "bro". I think I understand I'm living vicariously.
    Sorry, Cyreen. Deep insight there.
  • Garland7G;667675 said:
    I see you thar ;)
  • Red Panda;667972 said:
    hahahaha Nice one.
  • Red Panda;667977 said:
    Sorry, Cyreen. Deep insight there.
    There's a little button, the middle one on the bottom right-hand corner of each post box? That's the multi-qoute button. You should give it a try some time.

    What was it you were banned for before (totally rhetorical, I don't really care)?
  • Didn't see it there, and you know I'm actually not sure what I was banned for, hmmm....maybe it was because I was never banned to begin with. :rolleyes:
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