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When did you pull the trigger?

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I decided Kenny had been through too much at the moment and I opted to put Duck to rest.

I pushed the button when he stopped breathing.

I'm trying to find out what else happens and what Kenny does if you say he should do it.
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  • I want to hear reports of a Duck Zombie.
  • Same, when he stopped breathing for a minute.

    Even if you leave Duck in the clearing, you don't see him turn. The only time you see Zombie Duck is if Kenny throws you out of the cab and doesn't stop the train, then Zombie Duck takes out Lee.

    My second save, I let Katjaa do it her way, she'd obviously thought it through.
  • Took me maybe half a minute to do it. Volunteered to do it myself from the start because I couldn't make my friend go through that.
  • Kenny had to be the one to do it in my opinion. He would surely look at you differently if you kill his son. Maybe this will come into play later on.
  • I made Kenny do it. I feel sorry for the guy and everything, but he DID leave Shawn to die and murdered Larry.

    There's poetic justice right there.

    In any case, Kenny did it after Duck stopped breathing.
  • I did it because I like shooting people.
    Naah, actually, I thought Kenny, even being the asshole that he is, should not be forced to kill his own son.
  • Can't believe people made him kill his own son, seems pretty twisted to me.

    I did it immediately, the kid was suffering and I wanted it over with. ):
  • I let kenny do it, If it was clem I would be the one to have to shoot her or let her turn not kenny
  • how do you not stop the train ?

    or are you trollin cyreen ?
  • I originally suggested to Kenny that he do it. As his father it seemed only right, but he ended up being convinced to let Katjaa do it. I thought as emotional as the whole scene was, Katjaa was being brave doing it herself as Kenny had finally begun to process the severity of the situation and was really in no state to be doing it.

    When we got to the clearing though, I knew that given the chance again, I'd have to do it myself. I just couldn't put Kenny through that, given what had happened. And lo and behold I did it myself, albeit after a minute or so of hesitation. Poor Duck.
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