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Pink chalk? [Spoilers]

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Hey, all. Can anyone please explain to me the significance of the pink chalk markings Lee and Duck find around the motor inn before discovering the stolen supplies?

Who put them there? What was their purpose?

I don't see any point to them besides giving Lee a reason to go look outside the surrounding wall.
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  • Ben drew the pink mark. He stole the chalk from clementine. He also dropped the flashlight while doing so. Maybe he marked it so the bandits know at which place they can get their stuff.
  • I think the pink X told the bandits that their drugs were ready for pick up.
  • Those are the best ideas I've been able to come up with, too. Though I hadn't considered that the 'X' could also mean "ready for pick-up".

    I'm pretty sure Duck said he found the stick of chalk under the dumpster, next to the pink scuff mark. So I assume Ben ditched it there after marking the wall?

    So what? He went outside the wall with the torch, planted the meds in the vent, came back inside and marked the wall with an 'X', dropped the flashlight and broke it, then threw the chalk under the dumpster?

    It still sounds kind of irrational/nonsensical. Though now I think about it, it does seem like the type of 'master plan' Ben would cook up. XD
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