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Episode 2 not working at all

posted by petz_e on - last edited - Viewed by 252 users

This is for the Steam version.

I played Episode 1 when it was released without any problems. Now I want to play Episode 2 but the right after I click on 'Play' I see a completely black screen, my big in-game mouse cursor and I can hear birds twitter in the background. That's all, there is nothing else I can do except to Alt+Tab out of the game and kill the process.

Is this a known problems? What can I do about it?
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    maybe your files are damaged!

    You must have these files in your (Pack\WalkingDead102) folder

    0_95_patch.ttarch = 97 kb
    1_WalkingDead102_english_pc_data.ttarch = 4,080 kb
    2_WalkingDead102_english_pc_voice.ttarch = 116,816 kb
    3_WalkingDead102_english_pc_ms.ttarch = 199, 544 kb
    4_WalkingDead102_english_pc_tx.ttarch = 379,286 kb
    5_WalkingDead102_english_pc_mesh.ttarch = 138,193 kb
    6_pc_shaders.ttarch = 12,790 kb
    6_WalkingDead102_english_pc_anichore.ttarch = 121,641 kb
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