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Game Improvements (contains minor spoilers from ep.3)

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I always thought the episodic release form was invented so that the producers of the game have the chance to incorporate improvement suggestions from the players, so here are my two cents on what could be improved in future episodes: (or if possible retroactively in past episodes, too)

First some bugs:
- Like mentioned before by other users, Duck, Lee and other stuff sometimes just disappears. In the case of Lee, resulting in being completely stuck and having to restart from the last savepoint. Would be nice, if you could look into that.
- Sometimes (especially in ep.3) things one already asked, appear in the choices again anyways. It's not a real problem, but if you have the time, you could fix that, too.
- A lot of times (also esp. in ep.3), conversations just end without any reason, so you have to choose "talk to xyz" again and again for every possible thing Lee can say to xyz.
- When I left the train station, Lee has a gun in his hand and another gun in his pants. And no blowtorch. That can't be right.
(Later annotation, after the release of ep.4: Didn't see any bugs of the aforementioned kind in ep.4 so far. That's good.)

Now to some improvements I'd like to see:
1. The time for choices (when talking) is way too short. I'd like to have a bit more time to choose, what I want to say. Especially in episode 3, when you have to choose whilst listening to what other people are talking about. I'm not a girl. I can't listen, read and decide simultaneously. I want to first hear them out and THEN step in. That's called "manners". Also: While limited time makes sense, when a zombie attacks you, it does not make sense in a conversation. I mean, in real life, when someone doesn't immediately answer my question, I wait. I don't just step away and say: "fuck you, too late!"
(Later annotation, after the release of ep.4: Things have been getting worse in that matter. That's really a shame.)
2. PLEASE implement more savepoints, so that I can exit the game whenever I want or need to, without having to double-play a whole section again. Especially, when the game is as buggy as it is (see above).
3. It would be nice, if there was an option to skip cutscenes. Because sometimes, the game does not comply with what I actually wanted to do. In these cases we have to see the same fucking sequence over and over again until we get, what we wanted to do.
Example: The scene at the beginning of ep.3, when Lee and Kenny climp over something, seeing a girl being attacked by zombies and Lee has to decide, whether he shoots the girl or not. I admit, I didn't get, that you can't just shoot the zombies. But I learned that the hard way by repeating it over and over again. Everytime having to watch the full cutscene again, which was fucking annoying. I bet there are other situations too, where skipping the cutscenes is useful without being the moron, that I was.
4. Minor improvement: Things that cannot be used anymore, should not be made available anymore, just to let Lee say "blabla, nothing to do here". Same goes with people, who you can't talk to anymore, because you said everything there was to say.
5. This next improvement does only (to my knowledge) apply to the XBOX360 controller: (in my case the windows version)
Both targeting and shooting need the thumb. That's fucking annoying, when in a rush. When you're in the train station in ep.3, you only have like a second to target and shoot the zombie, who (of course) changes his position after being targeted. I ended up using the mouse here, to get this done. I don't know how XBOX-players did it. Would be nice, if you could shoot by using the right trigger. But maybe that's too much a problem regarding compatibility with all controllers and stuff, I don't know. Just a suggestion.

(My mistake, there is an alternative way in the controls.)
(Later annotation, after the release of ep.4: Funny enaugh, THIS has been actually implemented nicely in episode 4. Thank you very much.)

At last, one thing that cannot be changed anymore and by now is futile anyways, but who the fuck thought: "Hey, let's name two of the characters phonetically identical (Doug/Duck). That's an awesome idea and not at all confusing."

At very last: I don't know how all this sounds, but I only care about this stuff because I really like the game. So no hate intended, despite the tone.

What do you other users think of the suggestions. Have you had similar thoughts or am I just a spoiled winer?
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  • I think the bugs you mentioned should be looked into by TTG. I'd rather Lee had two Glock's but if it's a bug should be fixed.

    I did not have any of the other issues you mentioned in my game. Worked well.

    I will add that the fight scene with the three walkers at the train depot was one of the more challenging/confusing fights that I recall. I think maybe the battle will work better if when you mouse over to the wrench there is only the option to grab it. The preselected option to "look" at the wrench should be switched with the "grab" option. I still figured it out in time but from other posts I've read others were not so lucky. Might help the fight "flow" better.
  • I actually had no problem with that, only with the shooting. But I just checked the controls and realized, that you can also use the left-cross-thingy (the one that we know since the NES controllers, I don't know the name) for action (here: shooting), so I don't actually have to use the right thumb for targeting and shooting. My mistake.
  • raiseer
    Thank you very much for posting all that information !I really hope that Telltale check and fix those moments before releasing the Walking Dead collection.

    When i played i also saw a Duck disappearing from Katja hands near train.
    And it was dissapointment to see Lee with a two guns at the end of episode.

    Also, the scene when Lee cut the Clem hair is a bit glitchy. Lee cut hair but in the next moment hair again on the exactly place.

    Actually i planned to made a screenshots and open a thread... but my english is a bit poor.. so thank you for collecting and posting!

    Telltale, please pay attention to us!
    What we need to help you to improve game? maybe specification or an action order that we made before bugs appearing?
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