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Why do people like Clem so much?

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I feel like one of the biggest mistakes Telltale did was hiring an adult woman to voice Clementine. It's already hard for me to overlook her unrealistic character but that fake kid voice is so irritating.

At least Duck was voiced by a child and acted like one too (annoying, ignorant and ultimately just innocent).
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  • Bullshit, Clem's voice acting is well done. It's your own fault for looking up the actress.
  • Cyreen;668931 said:
    Bullshit, Clem's voice acting is well done. It's your own fault for looking up the actress.
    I agree. I didn't even suspect it was voiced by an adult until you mentioned it. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks bro.
  • Clementines voice is great, it's adorable.
  • People love Clem so much because she is far from the annoying character children usually play in horror movies or just movies in general. It's very hard to make a child into such a pivotal and likable role without making him or her annoying. Clem is mature for her age and adapts really easily to any given situation so far. Her bravery, lack of dwelling on things too long, lack of crying or wining, and resourcefulness makes her just as likable as Lee or Carly.

    Telltale goes a step further though and blends these traits with what one would expect from a young child, but keep her very innocent and throughly likable. She always listens, trys to understand, and above all else, is strong through absolute hell. Overall, she's a very inspirational, strong, and moral character who breaks the stereotype of annoying kids in horror media and has great chemistry with Lee. Lee can literally become a much better person through this little girl and that is such a great theme to have run through a series that is so full of death, betrayal, torture and dismemberment, and pure horror.

    Their relationship is truly making for one of the most pivotal relationships in a Telltale game yet and is a really nice balance between the emotional moments of the game and the incredible violence.
  • a much better person? Is Lee so bad as he is now; he accidentally killed a man in a jealous rage; before that he was a college professor. That convicted felon thing was just a scarlet badge they created to make Lee less appealing to others so he can word harder at interacting and raising approval levels of him
  • Where did I ever say he was bad in my post? I never once said that Lee was a bad character, only that he can become a much better person. Perhaps I dropped an implication that he was, but I do not believe he is bad at all. Everyone has the capacity to better themselves in certain aspects regardless of how good they may be to begin with. I never said Lee was a bad person, of course he's not, but he's learning to become an even better person through Clem and learning that, no matter how tough things get, you can rely on others to keep you stable, just like Clem does for Lee and Lee does for Clem. Lee believes himself to be a bad person in the aspect of his family, having neglected to see them, but is finding redemption from that action in this new family he formed with Clem.
  • I think clem would be any awesome character regardless of her age, she seems more sensible than most of the adults, and is way less argumentative. But she can be assertive and knows what she wants. Most importantly she isn't create masses of needless drama like most the other characters.

    She does seem a bit ridiculously mature bordering on "Mary Sue"-ism though and her repeated need for rescue gets a touch obnoxious (though that may be resolved soon).

    I think she's a straight up good character, not just a good child character.
  • did you know bart simpson is actually voiced by a woman ? of middle age...

    the voice of clem has talent, why would ttg have to hire more kids ? or crap actors...

    stupid small minded thinking again..
  • I like Clem because she seems to be the only pure, sweet and innocent thing left in the entire world. The only thing that isn't corrupted. A single strand of normality before everything went to hell.
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