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[SPOILERS] CARLEY [Ep 3 discussion]

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Hey i am really annoyed about carley being shot when it happend i didnt even want to carry on playing anyway maybe they could bring carly back she could have just been grazed by the bullet.No one even checked to she if she was dead the group could meet up with her again.I wont be buying anymore episodes unless carly comes back my friends also said the same.

Please say in the comments that you want carly back and make a thread about this and then maybe telltale games will see that we want carly back.
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  • staff;668643 said:
    No i dont get banned why ask this?
    someone posted the exact thing like you, verbatim and in bold.
    their one and only post. banned.
    found it odd seeing the same post up again later in the day
  • I was shot in the face by Chandler from Friends and left to die in the middle of the desert in a post-apocalyptic America. And I still managed to pick myself up, dust myself off, and take control of New Vegas over the course of seventy hours.

    Having said that, now the thought of Carley coming back doesn't sound far-fetched, huh? :p
  • Let it go guys. She's gone. Dead. Take solace in the fact that she isn't going to be turned into a walker because of the bullet to the head. It was quick and painless. Don't get me wrong. I was close to kick Lily's ass and there was no way in hell she was getting back in the RV.

    Tbh this thread just shows how good TTG writing has been. That people love a character like Carley and are so determined to try and get her back. Even though she took a bullet right between the eyes.

    I was so emotionally drained after Episode 3 (like many have said) that I was at the point where I didn't care about anyone apart from Clem anymore. Perfect example is me not wasting time for Omid to jump. I don't have time for any timid bs anymore. I pushed that guy. He'll thank me later... surely :P

    Again just shows how good the writing truly is.
  • No offense, But you are getting way too attached to one character
    And she got shot point blank in the head...she is...DEAD :eek:
  • These treads are getting out of control
  • Yeah, I had a similar reaction, honestly all the major deaths in this episode were pretty forced and no one had appropriate reactions to them in the game.

    I agree, but they kind of muffed the whole Doug thing because he was very obviously shot in the back of the head, but there is a possibility of Carley coming back, because of your aforementioned points. Also I've read up a bit, both Carl & Daryl (from the show/novel) survived head shots, so... here's to hope and more choices in the future?
  • ZombieGoBoom;668337 said:
    1/ Then lets call it dumb luck if you like. ;)
    2/ If the back of Carley's head exploded then a lot of this discussion would be over. If Lee or someone actually checked her but it seemed everyone assumed Carley was dead.
    3/ Give it up. I think a lot of us in the Carley camp would like to give the girl a chance, regardless how slim. The only ones who has the final say in this debate is TTG and I will willingly accept it either way.

    If you like to know, in another thread I might a point which is against her possible return... at least to the group. If Carley somehow survived she is going to be PI**ED to no end that she was left for dead, making any reunion nearly impossible. :(
    i play without the story things, so i play it as every decision counts.
    but people are saying that a tooltip pops up saying carley will remember this.
    Possible reason?
  • oh well there goes the lee/carley romance everyone wanted
  • LOL at Aerith. But either way, the whole point of the character was for Lee to lose someone he was close too without it being Clem. Too bad, because it's kind of a cliche. It would have been more of a test for Lee to have Carley as the thief but Ben gets blamed for it. Then he'd have a real issue to deal with going forward.
  • After reading some of this thread:

    That people are upset about Carley is less about the writing than it is the player. Some get more deeply involved with RPGs than others. Long time RPG players sort of expect a love interest and Carley seemed to be the odds on favorite for that role. Surely TT recognized that.

    Carley is not coming back. She's walker food. Even if she isn't, you won't see her again. There doesn't seem to be any logical, realistic way to reunite her with the team. And Lee certainly appears to believe her dead, so he's not going looking for her.
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