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[SPOILERS]So... what do you think is gonna happen to Kenny?

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I'm pretty sure I didn't see a thread like this about Kenny (most are about Carley and Ben), so I was wondering, what do you people think is gonna happen to Kenny from now on?

I mean, the man just lost what was the most important thing to him. All the choices he ever made, he had his family's safety in mind, and now they're gone.
I've seen people saying he might commit suicide, but really, that would make it an overplayed card in the game, and although he is fairly depressed, Kenny doesn't strike me as the kind of man who would just kill himself... but I'm pretty sure that since he has nothing left to live for, he is gonna do something stupid.

Some people have said that Kenny might snap at Ben if the latter tells him what he did, and I can actually see that happening. If it came to that, though, I'd have to try and calm him down, and if it became worse, I'd have to take Ben's side, because I don't wanna see that kid dying anytime soon, don't want Doug's sacrifice to be in vain...

Personally, I think Kenny will stick around for a while, even though he's probably gonna do something that might jeopardize him or the group...

So... thoughts, speculations? C'mon people, this is my first thread =]
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  • Really? I think Kenny could eventually get over it, just like Rick got over all the shit that has ever happened to him (well, he did have Carl, but still...), provided, of course, Kenny lives long enough... but yeah, he might end up doing something stupid and dying before he has a chance to get over the death of his family, but who knows? On the trailer, he seems to have gotten over his depression, and appears to be in a state of anger, or something like that... wouldn't surprise me if Lee died and Kenny lived though, really.
  • the question arises - what does he have left to live for?

    maybe he will have a redeeming moment.

    the group will be stuck with no way out, and it looks like they are all going to die. that's when Kenny decides to save everyone - by sacrificing himself.
    for example, getting into a car and driving it into something that explodes. the explosion kills a bunch of walkers and causes a big enough distraction for the rest of the group to get away.
  • The poor guy will probably get bitten. He's still depressed, which makes him prone and weak for walkers.
  • TTG kinda hit below the belt with this one; people want to see Kenny get whats comin to him and him alone; and really all I want is for Lee to give him a good chewing out (maybe a punch in the eye) and let them walk off their separate if they choose to. Taking out his entire family, his driving force throughout the series. Lame.
  • Many people here now hate Ben more than Hitler.
  • I think Kenny will survive, guys like him seem to make it a long time in these types of situations. I think he'll come close to death at least once, maybe even have a time when everyone thinks he's dead because he goes all Kamikaze on some walkers or something but then he shows up fit as a fiddle and even saves the day.
  • Well, I guess that when Kenny reaches the stage where he starts being an asshole to everyone else, I'd like to see Lee chewing him out, but I'd like him to stay with the group. But yeah, it's gonna be difficult to keep Kenny now because as you said, he lost his driving force, he would need to find another purpose to live... or who knows, he might end up being the only one that makes it through season 1, but in a way that makes it look like he died, and appear as the new magical hobo for season 2, surprising all the players =P
  • Viser;669095 said:
    ... or who knows, he might end up being the only one that makes it through season 1, but in a way that makes it look like he died, and appear as the new magical hobo for season 2, surprising all the players =P
    OMG! Chuck is Kenny from the future!
  • They said that episode 4 is meant to have something which takes all your other decisions, I think it'll be to do with clem
  • I think that Ken will become unhinged and die. If you notice, only Clem really is on the teaser picture for episode 5... Kenny has pretty much been around in all of the other ones.

    Phone man maybe?
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