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Thoughts on an Episode 0

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I've thought about a prequel episode for a bit, and just thought it would be cool to maybe switch perspectives from the beginning and play as Carley, Doug, and/or maybe Lilly before the invasion.

This way, we can actually experience what happened leading up to Lee/Clem/Kenny's family arriving at the drug store and with the episode ending with Carley shooting the zombie on Duck and the family running inside for safety.

It's not a real major, huge deal, it's just a cool thought. Also I want more on Mark... he deserved more than what he got in episode 2, but that's a discussion for another day. Lol.
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  • The part I liked was the more Mark thingie.

    We needed more Mark, not another Kill Puppet.
  • A Mark episode would be cool. It would be good if they made that episode in between Season 1 and 2 and made it Mark's story leading up to meeting the group. I really think they should have introduced him in Episode 1 but just have made him one of the minor characters in the group, a bit like how Katjaa was. In Episode 1 she was just... there. I think I understand why they brought him in in Episode 2, it was to explain how the group managed to survive so far because of the food Mark gave them, right? But I think they could have come up with a better explanation than just using Mark as one.
  • he was the Red Shirt of Ep 2- as soon as I saw him I was like 'One of these things doesnt belong here'
  • Maybe the in between episode could show us how Mark got to the group and the 3 months between Ep 1 and 2.

    Would be interesting ^__^
  • Yeah, it'd be nice to see what went down on the Air Force base when the walkers attacked. Besides that, I liked Mark! I'd love some more backstory for him.
  • They give us some off-hand comments about what went down, but yeah, actually being able to see it happen would be nice. All I know is that when Mark 'opened the doors' he lost a lot of food, but supposedly saved his life.
  • Normally, I'd say no, but.... this is kinda a cool idea.
  • I think Kirkman is fully against something set during the fall of civilization.
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