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Why do people like Clem so much?

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I feel like one of the biggest mistakes Telltale did was hiring an adult woman to voice Clementine. It's already hard for me to overlook her unrealistic character but that fake kid voice is so irritating.

At least Duck was voiced by a child and acted like one too (annoying, ignorant and ultimately just innocent).
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  • Because she is Awesomedorable? Unfortunately we've forgotten that she's a kid and falls for tricks like Radio Man.......

    Unless he really does have her parents.
  • Ja1862;669181 said:
    I use to teach and work in a prime school for 4 years... so yeah, I'm use to a lot.
    Mob mentality. Any group in a pack behaviors differently than it's individual parts, whether it be children, men, women, dogs, cats... whatever (think "Ladies Night").
  • Telltale nailed Clem's character I say it right here that Clementine is one of the best children characters in gaming history. She isn't annoying, she is likable the voice acting is nothing short of brillent and I really can't think of any other kids in any gaming genre that can even come close to her.
  • Cyreen;669228 said:
    ...(think "Ladies Night").
    Is there a story here?
  • Master of Aeons;669581 said:
    Is there a story here?
  • darknessofheart;668966 said:
    People love Clem so much because she is far from the annoying character children usually play in horror movies or just movies in general. It's very hard to make a child into such a pivotal and likable role without making him or her annoying. Clem is mature for her age and adapts really easily to any given situation so far. Her bravery, lack of dwelling on things too long, lack of crying or wining, and resourcefulness makes her just as likable as Lee or Carly.

    Telltale goes a step further though and blends these traits with what one would expect from a young child, but keep her very innocent and throughly likable. She always listens, trys to understand, and above all else, is strong through absolute hell. Overall, she's a very inspirational, strong, and moral character who breaks the stereotype of annoying kids in horror media and has great chemistry with Lee. Lee can literally become a much better person through this little girl and that is such a great theme to have run through a series that is so full of death, betrayal, torture and dismemberment, and pure horror.

    Their relationship is truly making for one of the most pivotal relationships in a Telltale game yet and is a really nice balance between the emotional moments of the game and the incredible violence.
    Well said, sir/ma'am.

    Now I think about it, Clem may have the greatest mental/emotional fortitude of any member in the group. Her only weakness as far as portraying an interesting and believable character may be her apparent lack of imperfection natural to all human beings. Although what happens in Savannah could change all that.
  • Cyreen;669644 said:
    Don't start without me! (grabs a chair)
  • Clementine is awesome. Quiet, intelligent, easy-going. Not as fun as Duck (or as annoying), but she's got a lot of depth (or as Katjaa put it, "she's a puzzle.")

    Also, it's not like Clementine is that trusting. Remember, she almost dropped a hammer on Lee's head from the treehouse because she didn't trust him.

    And at this point, 4 months of Lee not being a sexual predator or a cannibal is probably all you need to trust somebody if you're an 8-year-old without a father figure. How many camp counselors and babysitters have you had in your lifetime.

    Anyway, yeah, Clem's awesome.
  • Why do people like Clem!?

    It's because she's like the best kid ever!!!
  • She's so adorable!

    We have to talk about your hair. It's not safe.

    That's not nice.


    Are you saying it smells?


    Because it does. Kinda.[/CENTER]

    How could you not love her? She's so damn cute.
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