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Should they make a sequel to Super Mario Rpg?

posted by Leplaya on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Before anyone mentions Mario and Luigi Superstar saga or paper mario. Those are spiritual successors, not an official sequel.

Even though I havent played Super Mario RPG before, I decided to check it out on the VC by purchasing it. And to my surprise I was in for a treat with this game. I can clearly understand why it lives up to this very day. I even see how both Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi got their influence from this game. I know that Nintendo was in development of a sequel to this game. However, there were a few disagreements with Square and Nintendo reworked the game to Paper Mario.

Would anyone on here would like to see Nintendo make a sequel to the most known mario game out there? There are people still talking about this game. Even Nintendo tried to get the rights to Geno for brawl but that never happened though :(. Square isn't doing much with the other half of what they own on this game, so i think its time Nintendo buys the other half of RPG and make a sequel for the Wii u and 3DS.
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  • dude i so love the mario rpg for snes back then i never thought they could pull it off damn did they ever.
  • ryannumber1gamer;654238 said:
    They could make it both for DS & 3DS. They are still making DS games....right?.
    I think they stopped making DS games, however, they are making games for the 3DS. So they would make it for the 3DS. But also make it for the Wii U since Super Mario RPG was made on the console first.

    Did Square ever give the reason why they are still sitting on half of the rights for Mario RPG?
  • Because they're assholes, presumably.

    In all seriousness - I'm guessing it's because the rights are complicated. The RPG is by Square, but Mario is owned by Nintendo, so the rights aren't entirely owned by one party. That kinda throws a spanner in the works.
  • So far...I can only assume that Square is only sitting on the rights of what they own on RPG because they think there isn't a whole lot of people who want to see it return. Instead, they just keep making Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games over what the public is really asking them to make.

    Like new games of RPG, Chrono Trigger(I know there was some interest of a new developer taking a shot on the series, but I dont know where that went), or even reboots of forgotten games that Square has done that they pretend dont exist because they are mainly focused on the huge money makers that they are doing with. Still....I wonder how long it took Nintendo to pull off a cameo of Geno in Superstar saga...Yet, they couldn't score Geno as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl. :confused:
  • Leplaya;670545 said:
    Still....I wonder how long it took Nintendo to pull off a cameo of Geno in Superstar saga...Yet, they couldn't score Geno as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl. :confused:
    Geno's in Superstar Saga? WHERE?
  • Darth Marsden;670993 said:
    Geno's in Superstar Saga? WHERE?
    It's just a small cameo in Little Fungitown. You can see him in the beginning of this video:
  • As someone as already stated, Geno appears in little fungitown. It seems suitable for Geno to have a little cameo in an acrade game. :D
  • Awesome. Haven't gotten that far yet, I'll keep my eyes open. :)
  • Man, I forgot about that. SS had so many amazing cameos, I am honestly disappointed by the lack of them in the sequels.
  • If my memory is correct Superstar saga had these cameos(as movie posters in the Yoshi theater) they were starfy, Kirby, and wario. All I know this the only game that has had cameos.

    So...getting back on the subject of this. How do you guys think Geno would return in the sequel?
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