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[Ep. 3 - Spoilers] Snapshots inside Ben's mind during Ep. 3

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You encounter a bunch of bandits with guns, they tell you they're holding your friends captive, and demand payment for their safety.

Honestly they've guns, I don't think I can get away without making some kind of deal, and with our groups monopoly on the pharmacy offering a small continual flow of medicine seems like the best deal I can manage.

I get back and there's Lilly, the woman who wanted to get rid of me from the beginning and is now unstable from her dad's death and still armed and capable.

Best wait a while before I say anything, Lilly should calm down enough that confession doesn't mean a bullet in the head. Plus we've been getting plenty of medicine from the pharmacy.

No one has discovered yet despite Lee keeping count. Lilly still hasn't calmed down.

Maybe I can keep this going a bit longer. Things aren't looking better yet, but surely a better opportunity will come up.

Shit, the flashlight got broken while I was hiding the supplies, what do I do?

It still isn't time tell them, not now! I'm ... I'm in too deep. I've got to keep hiding this, I neeeed to dispose of the flashlight, IT'S NOT TIME!

Lee says he gathered the last of the medicine from the pharmacy and now he's snooping around.

Oh God, what do I do?! Just stay calm ... breath ... it's not over yet there's still time, maybe Lee won't find it, maybe we've still got enough to keep the bandits off us just a little longer...

NOPE! Shit has hit the fan. The bandits are here and they're pissed.

But the bandits aren't singling me out, they announced to everyone that we had a deal, and Lee's negotiating with them. As long as everyone keeps a level head...

*BANG* ... ahhhh shiiiit, firefight, we could all die! OK we're fine no one's dead and we've escaped, oh oh fuck Lilly's pissed, crazy pissed, she going to literally L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y kill me.

I gotta get the fuck out of here, but not raise suspicion, but fuck if I leave I'll die any way, what the fuck do I do?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

She did it she pulled the trigger, but I'm not dead and someone else is, I'm safe, Lee's dealt with her.

I'm fine, everything is going to be fine, FINE!, hehe...

Wait, someone's dead and duck doesn't look so good, and now I get to watch him slowly die, duck ... Kaatja! ... the death tolls at 3 now... what do I do?

I've got to get this off my shoulders, Lee ... he hasn't lost anyone, he saved me and let me into the group, I can tell him and get this over with!

Wha? Lee's pissed, but I told the truth! I finally said it, I couldn't've done it sooner, no, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO! Oh, oh god



Yep, he was incredibly stupid, but honesty I'm not sure I could've done anything different from him, not if I was scared shitless of Lilly as Ben was and with good reason too.
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