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Clem's Walkie Talkie

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to argue with me!

There seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the walkie talkie. A lot of people on this board seem to think that the person on the other end is either A) Clem's Dad or connected to her Dad in someway - B) Connected to Glenn or - C) been talking to Clem ever since Macon.

A - Clem's dead is either dead or a walker. He was attacked by a strange man outside of the hotel. The same hotel the group is currently headed towards.

B - I really don't see how this is possible unless Glenn ran into a another group and somehow gave or lost the radio. Then this person or group made their way to Savannah before Clem's group did. A long way with a lot of zombies in between. This has to be the least likely scenario.

C - MOST radios like this do not have that long of a range. It's about 130 miles or so from Macon to Savannah. It would be a stretch to think that Clem found a radio and another person in Savannah just happened to another radio with that type of range. And, they happened to be on at the same time. Possible, but unlikely.

Solution, IMO: Clem started using the radio the closer she got to Savannah in the hopes her parents would have the other one. Remember though, she had one in the tree house, and Lee used the other in the kitchen. Glenn took that one. (See B above.)

Clem, being young, alone, and afraid probably started clicking on the radio and asking for her Mom and Dad - just like she did in the tree house back home. She probably heard nothing at first, but then someone in Savannah was scanning - maybe with a HAM radio or something. The stars aligned and this pervert or another group of bandits heard her and is pretending to know the whereabouts of her parents - thinking Clem's group is loaded with supplies.

Either way, I just don't see any type of happy ending for the group in Savannah. Maybe Huey's on River Street is open and they can get some Shrimp n Grits!

Of course, we could all be wrong.
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  • grumpyjedi;669596 said:
    dosent glenn use the walkie to talk to rick in the tank
    wow you right :)
  • grumpyjedi;669596 said:
    dosent glenn use the walkie to talk to rick in the tank
    Not in the comic he didn't. That was just in the television series. Rick was never in a tank in the comic. The tv series and the comic are in two separate TWD realities. The game is supposed to be in the same reality as the comic.
  • Sisterofshane;669606 said:
    He may not have even been to Savannah, but in a stroke of luck that is where we ended up heading and it fit with his whole "find your parents" plan?
    I do think this guy has been "listening" since Macon. I doubt Clem's walkie talkie was ever broken, maybe just dead batteries or she just didn't understand how to fully use it. Maybe she just chipped a corner and thought it was broken.

    Given mobility during a ZA, I do think the wacknut always was/is in Savannah or very close to the city the whole time and it's just played out to his advantage. Hers may not be the only frequency he's been monitoring.

    However, I agree that he may not be as twisted as hinted, all things being somewhat grey in nature (i.e. Chuck telling Clem she was going to die).
  • It cant be anyone related to Clem because they said they had her parents, unless its some twice removed cousin with a grudge...and that would be uninteresting with an open book for possibilities. The range could be ok because of the lack of interference? It wasn't that great of a signal anyway if I understood all the popping and stopping correctly.
  • The real question is what does this guy want with Clem if he is indeed a villain? I know that a lot people think he is just some perv, but I highly doubt that the truth will be that simple, granted that would be beyond messed up. I think whatever he wants will be a lot more insidious and complex than meets the eye.
  • sneaky old man in search of kids, way too cliche...and knowing TTG this guy will probably be our savior...ha what if this is Clem's grandpa (j/k)
  • I've been thinking recently that perhaps "the crazy person" mentioned by Clem's mother who attacked her father was not a walker, but someone who has a grudge against the family. After all, there is a clear difference between crazy person and a walking corpse that eats people. I think Clem's mother would've realized this and specified more, unless she was just hiding the truth, but I think there is a possibility that the person that attacked the father was not a walker, but an old enemy with connections to the family and knowledge of Clementine.
  • darknessofheart;671007 said:
    I've been thinking recently that perhaps "the crazy person" mentioned by Clem's mother who attacked her father was not a walker, but someone who has a grudge against the family.
    And he just happened to know Clem would not only survive, but be packing a walkie talkie? A relative or acquaintance is too specific. This guy doesn't "know" Clem, he just got lucky.
  • Just found the message curious is all. The incident with the father doesn't have to necessarily correlate with Clem's communications. I just think it would be good storytelling to have certain plot points established in previous chapters actually hold a lot more complexity than what was initially perceived. Again, it doesn't have to all be connected in one web of conspiracy.

    The developers said in a Q@A that the parents might appear within the series. Now whether or not this means they will appear alive or as walkers is debatable, but it would be a twist in itself that the parents are actually alive. If that's the case, the person attacking the father not being a walker could fit because it would explain why he is still alive and not a walker.
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