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TWD: Disconnects on download - HELP!!!

posted by blackvulcan3 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.5K users
I am having dramas downloading from within the mac version, I see others are having this too across a number of threads and also with the PC version.

I have downloaded Episode 2 from within the game 3 times, each time I have got to 73%, 68% and the most recent 64% before it disconnects.

As it is not isolated and I haven't got this problem with other files external to the game (such as the v3 update) please help in checking why this may be occurring.

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  • It took me a fair few attempts, but around two weeks ago I managed to get episode 2 downloaded successfully. Now m trying to get episode 3. It's crashed twice so far, at 55% and 99.50%.

    Being used to this kind of crap though, it's time to bend over and take it again. And hope they never distribute a game through this method again.
  • This is really REALLY annoying! Third try now for Ep3 - why can't we not just download from the game page as in all games before...there NEVER were such problems. Waiting for several months till release and now again waiting and hoping for the download to complete (while the system is loaded because of the in-game download) for the next weeks? What are you thinking Telltale? I feel like I am kicked right into my face!
  • Same problem. Stuck at 99.50%.

    Why can't we just please get refunds? No one is even enjoying the game at this point... months of delays followed by weeks of bugs that render the games unplayable.
  • Same problem here downloading directly from the game client.

    Download got to 85%, then went back down to 64% stalled for about 30 minutes, then dropped to 57% where it has remained. Looks like iffy coding.
  • Still crashing trying to get episode 2
  • Same issue here... Haven't even gotten to episode 2 yet... TTG, just what are you guys doing?......
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    DjNDB Moderator
    To those who haven't seen it, here's a workaround.
  • Happy to say that, this time, I've been able to download (and play of course) the latest episode without any problem.

    Still annoying that there's nothing saying that the game client is downloading something when on the main logo, just after connecting. I mean how hard is it to mention it in the text sliding in the up of the screen?

    It's the first time I'm not waiting the full release of a Telltale game before playing it. To be honest, I'm not fond of the episodic system, but somehow it works quite well with TWD.
    But now, seeing all the delays and technical issues, I can say that this is the last time I'm not waiting for the full release.

    Thanks DjNDB, I'll think of your workaround next time I have trouble downloading an episode.
  • This appears to have worked for me as well (after having to do it twice). Thanks DjNDB, don't know why Tell Tale could not have done this 2 months ago and saved themselves a lot of badwill.
  • Seems to bee working at the moment (touch wood).
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