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The New Team Sucks????

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Really the New Team Chuck,Omid,Christa

Could you really survive a zombie apoc with em???

I have to say i dont think so

Lee might wanna break off with Kenny and Clem and get a boat to a Island lol
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  • From what I can tell, the new team certainly sucks compared to what you had at the start of the Episode. Katjaa had some medical skills, Doug was good at tech and improvising, and Carley and Lilly were good shots. Chuck has 2 1/2 months of experience at surviving alone and had good advice so he'll probably be good, but Omid and Christa haven't shown any positive skills yet that I've noticed, and Omid in particular gave me a bad impression. He seems to be a bit of a coward since he didn't jump on the train when he needed to and when he snaps at you for helping him first instead of Christa despite his leg it shows that he doesn't have good sense...unless Christa is pregnant which would be a big problem but I'll assume she's not for now. I think Christa could turn out okay since from talking to her she seems to be more knowledgeable about what's going on and what to do.

    Actually, between Omid's bad leg and Christa's attitude I'm not expecting them to last for long, and besides, I only really care about Clem, Kenny, and Chuck at this point.
  • Remember Chuck gave us the advice, but I still think its weird he says "if I see another little girl die itll do me in"
  • NessaT;670967 said:
    But she's probably a little nicer considering that she gets laid sometimes, and Lilly didn't.

    Jokes aside - I like Christa. We probably don't need another Lilly, but so far, I like her strong attitude. We need more people like her and less of Ben in team.

    With the exception of Clem and possibly Kenny, the rest I don't really care about.

    P.S. Omid is Doug V.2.0 :D
    Of course, we don't need another Lilly! We need THE Lilly! :p :D
  • I don't understand why nearly everyone say: "Christa is a bitch/ugly....". Just be patient how she work out in episode 4 because there we can see more of her.
  • The new team does not suck. Granted there is a lot of grief over the loss of so many good characters in e3 but the burden of measuring up to past characters should not be placed on Charles, Christa and Omid.

    If you give them a chance you may find:

    Charles - is an experienced survivor that offers up good recommendations without ordering you around. He favors teamwork and even corrected Kenny at the overpass about us being a crew. I kinda like the way he plays the guitar too.

    Omid - He's positive and a scrounger type like Glenn. Unfortunately, he got injured trying to help us.

    Christa - Is an attractive and friendly survivor. She looks fondly upon Clem too. Depending on your choices she can be friendly. Just treat her like someone you just met. Don't be too nosey and try the "..." now and again. Build bridges not walls.
  • It's funny how people just hate characters they've met like 10 minutes ago.
    I do not know anything about them yet so why would I judge them?

    My first impression is basically the same as Kiel555.
  • Christa was.... friendly?

    What choices did you make?
  • Christa wasn't exactly friendly, but she wasn't not friendly either... I don't know, she just seems to care about Clem and hopes you know what you're doing with the kid. That's why she acts the way she does.

    Well, I liked Omid, but I feel that broken leg of his is gonna be getting in our way, unfortunately =/

    Charles ('cause I'm fancy) seems to be the coolest so far. He looks like a person with a lot of experience and advices to share and help Lee out.

    Kenny seems to be depressed and angry, I'm hoping he doesn't do anything stupid that could impair the group...

    Ben... well, I still like him, hope I can trust him and he can trust me so the incident on episode 3 doesn't repeat itself. Kinda want to make him my new Bro, since Doug's gone =(
  • DreadMagus;671363 said:
    Christa was.... friendly?

    What choices did you make?
    I selected:

    "could be who are you?"
    "not in the mood for new people"
    "Been with her since this all started"
    "..." when Christa asks if the other are okay
    "plan is to cut the tanker down"

    I did not explore ALL the dialogue options. Didn't ask her what she and Omid were talking about. Didn't tell her Clem received pistol training (although I don't think this is a problem).

    When she arrives at the depot station and comments how you and Clem dropped 3 walkers I chose "...". When she goes to check outside responded with "me too".

    At the train, saved Omid first.
  • I like that Christa is a no-nonsense sort of survivor, but Omid's joking with you about everything. Man, they're going to die so horribly.
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