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Escape from Monkey Island... worth playing?

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You know. There's a lot of old puzzle solving/adventure games I have yet to touch. One was that 2001 Escape from Monkey Island. I was thinking about buying it for ps2 (unless there's a place I can download the pc version directly onto my computer) I wanted to know from anyone on here who's played it, if it's worth getting. :)
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  • I disagree that the PS2 version is the superior one (despite having more suitable controls), but yes, you should play Monkey Island 4.
  • I like having comfortable controls. Seeing as the game uses the same engine as the Grim Fandango game (as I read on wikipedia) the ps2 sounds like it's very suitable.
  • The PS2 port is definitely solid (mostly because LucasArts themselves did it). Both versions have their trade-offs, it's just that for me the PC version has way less of them.
  • Aside from controls and maybe load time. I can't think of too many differences there would be with the pc and console port.
  • Here are the differences I'm aware of:

    - PS2 version has native gamepad controls. Note though that the PC version supports gamepad controls should you have one
    - PS2 version has higher quality voice and cutscenes, since the game is on a DVD whereas the PC version was mandated to fit on two CDs
    - PS2 version has choppier animation, and is choppier overall
    - PS2 version has "nine times as many polygons" for character models, but I can't actual see any difference with my own eyes, except maybe that aliasing isn't as noticeable
    - PC looks better overall for obvious reasons, though both versions are sadly the same resolution (higher resolution options for the PC would have been much better...I'm guessing disc space is again the culprit)
    - PS2 version features two-player Monkeyball (the unlockable mini-game)
    - PS2 version features bonus unlockable mini-game, "Monkey Invaders"
    - PS2 version lacks iMUSE as well as voice overlap effects due to having to read everything off a disk
    - PS2 version has much longer load times than the PC version, which has near-nonexistent load times if you elect for full hard drive install
    - PS2 version has very nifty in-game Monkey Kombat chart
    - PS2 version has rumble support
    - PS2 version renders a couple of things differently and has bigger text to accommodate TV display
    - PS2 version has a concept art gallery
    - There is apparently slight disparity between some dialog between the two versions. Specifically the PS2 version may weirdly have an extra line of dialog or two. I remember finding one of them but I can't think of it at the moment.

    Bottom line is that the PC version is superior excepting controls and audio compression, and since I have a PC gamepad and the keyboard controls don't really bother me, the PC version is the clear choice for me. I can definitely see someone liking the PS2 version better though - it was the complete opposite of a shoddy port.
  • Hmm... alright. Choppier, I some how expected that. I have no problem with it though, nor do I have any problem with long load times. After all, I had no problem with the load times in RE Outbreak and they are long, without a hard drive add on, but I can withstand it.
  • Dunno, only ever played on pc.

    Yes it's a good game but no, it's not a good MONKEY ISLAND game. Disregarding the blatant raping of the MI mythos (bah I say, BAH) it's still a fine and enjoyable adventure game.
  • Yeah, I thought it was pretty enjoyable when I played it (I had the PS2 version). It was only a few years later I stopped liking it.

    I had the PS2 version which was reasonable enough, and I have tried the PC version (didn't get too far in it though, the controls were horrible and I didn't have any PC controllers to hand).
  • I would say go for the PS2 version if you don't have a PC gamepad. The keyboard controls were awful for me (i played the PC Demo aswell). I would also say to track down Curse of monkey Island beforehand if you haven't played any others, although it doesn't matter excessively which order you play them in as bar the intro, they stories are pretty much independent (although EFMI brings back a few old faces for character development).

    I played CMI and EFMI pretty much simultaneously, and, whilst i didn't get the full plot experience (i hadn't met the hermit before) they were still very enjoyable (ignoring the filing system, and the fact at the time i couldn't use an analogue clock)
  • purple_monkfish;67547 said:
    Dunno, only ever played on pc.

    Yes it's a good game but no, it's not a good MONKEY ISLAND game. Disregarding the blatant raping of the MI mythos (bah I say, BAH) it's still a fine and enjoyable adventure game.
    I think I would have enjoyed it better if it was not a Monkey Island Game. I agree, if you have never played any Monkey Island games, it is a good game. It feels like this game was professionally done fan fiction, rather then part of the monkey island series.
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