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Why did they kill........?

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Carley? :(

Was it Drama?

Was it planned from the beginning?

Was it budget cuts?

Was it a short straw draw by the VAs?

Who would really know this answer?

Do we really want to know the answer?

Personally, I think the entire story was set in stone before they even started coding.
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  • Carley is dead.. Move on

    Now to the question. TT obviously know what they're doing if killing off one character can cause this outrage. To me this is a win for them, so I think it was planned.
  • Nah, I actually thought they've expected grieve rather than outrage.
  • I was as upset as most about Carley's death, and if anything it has taught me not to get too attached to the other characters in the group. This is a protective mechanism; it's very common in the human experience- think about warfare. Quite often veteran soldiers wouldn't bother to get to know the replacements sent to their units as they would probably get killed anyway, and the repeated trauma of losing close friends will eventually affect you psychologically and will hurt your chances of survival in the long run.

    My Lee made the plan with Clem to leave the group- Kenny is a broken reed, and Christa (I believe) made a comment that left me thinking that the group is not always the best idea. Ben? At best, utterly hopeless and at worst a gutless turncoat douchebag. Chuck? A big question mark.

    It's gonna have to be some sort of Rambo-esque Michonne type walker-killing warrior maiden to make me forget Carley. She was the best, and I don't expect another to come along with her timing. marksmanship and loyalty.

    So get used to characters dying. It's a huge shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite.
  • I wanted to believe it!!
    But do you believe that the shot did not kill her! What happens then? Gets her unconscious on the road, shot in the face in a world full of zombies.
    The chances are very very very small!!
    But I also wanted her to be alive.: D: D: D
  • They needed to kill her. It was planned and it's good that she's dead. I mean it's how shit goes, TWD Kills youre favorites. Deal the fuck with it, It's TWD, What did you expect? she'd last till episode 5? No. Never.
  • Ironically, it was probably planned before people actually got Episode 1... the fact she was a favorite was just an added bonus for TTG.
  • dubesor;671064 said:
    Naw, that's not the reason. Otherwise they would only kill carley but let doug live. Doug was an OK guy, but clearly not as likable as Carley or the other likable characters (Clem, Mark..)

    IMO the reason they killed both doug and carley is to not have to do double work for EP4 and EP5. So far they had to make dialogue and cutscenes etc for both characters depending on who you choose to save.
    Killing both of them was the cheapest way to save time+money.
    But at the same time, if carley lives and Doug dies everyone who picked Carley would feel cheated because they would have essentially made a "wrong choice" in a game where there are no wrong choices. If Carley was to die at some point, Doug had to die near there as well.

    That's what adds to the drama and the tension of The Walking Dead, anyone can die at any time for any reason. You're never truly safe, just safer.
  • I think a lot of it is to challenge the level of comfort that most of us had built up with the original group. There was no-one more clear to contribute to that comfort than Doug/Carley. They were the one you CHOSE to save, and they have always followed you unquestioningly.

    One other thing I see from the Doug/Carley death was that sometimes the obvious doesn't always occur. One would ASSUME that Lilly would have pulled the gun on Kenny or Lee, or someone they care about, for retribution regarding her father. The unintended consequence of acting brashly was that a good person died.
  • winner;671535 said:

    you dont understand Carley is alive becouse this film show clearly she got

    shot in the left cheek if you see carefully this film film show carley is alive

    and this link show more peaple tell Carley must back to the game

    So many things wrong with this statement

    [*]Being shot in the cheak does not mean she lives. That is still fatal
    [*]She got NO medical attention, she would bleed out
    [*]She doesn't even know where the group was headed! They decided to go to savanah AFTER she was left behind.
    [*]She is unarmed so any walkers would kill her

    But go ahead and stay in la la land, tell me how the chocolate milk made from unicorns tastes!
  • Let me explain to you something about storytelling. We have these things called "static" or "dynamic" characters. Characters like Kenny, Ben, and Lilly are dynamic characters, who we watch change and develop over the course of the story, as Kenny goes through the pain and shock of losing his family, or Ben as he struggles with guilt and fear of being the only survivor of his initial group and being part of another group that's barely hanging by a thread, partly due to his own actions. Lilly starts as a strong-headed woman who tries to take charge of her group of survivors, but she loses her grip as she comes unhinged and the other survivors just don't want to put up with her, and by the end of episode three she's scared and alone, having betrayed or been abandoned by everyone she should have been close to.

    Carley, by contrast, is a static character. She does not have a character arc or any significant development. She's a supporting character: a likable figure who, while she's part of the story, serves as a voice of reason and morality in the bleak, inhumane world of The Walking Dead. She mainly serves to give Lee a vote of confidence in episode 2 and to provide him an impetus for his own development in episode 3 via the whole "you should be honest about your past" thing, which is also part of the episode's overall theme about coming to grips with reality (mainly with what Chuck says about Clementine's chances of survival or Kenny needing to overcome his denial about Duck). This isn't to denigrate her characterization, but she is what she is - a static, supporting character. Larry and Mark are also static characters.

    This is why your "well they could've just killed any of these other characters" thing falls apart. I'm not even going to bother with your wacko "SHE'S TOTALLY NOT DEAD GUYS" shtick. Hell, I probably shouldn't have even typed that mass of crap up, you're probably just screwing around.
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