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Lee's New Love Interest: Clem's Mom

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Think about it. Clem's Dad is probably dead, Lee's been taking good care of Clem, and maybe she lost some weight after months of little food.

They end up finding her in some underground camp, she's totally a MILF now, and it's on from there!

He's totally going to bone her.

Yeah, I'm sure this is what's going to happen.
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  • Maugly;671165 said:
    I know I am being slow, I'm slow all the time :) But I just thought that for those who had some romantic feelings toward Carley, Clem's mom couldn be love interest.
    We got to hear her phone call back in ep.1, and it's clear she was broken already by then. This means she's not only helpless during ZA, but also she's a weak person. She'll just cling onto Lee and would not give either emotional or practical support. This is not going to be 'I thought you might need help', this'll be like living and surviving for her.
    The problem is, looking how TTG doing things, they might just force us onto her. If I am right about her, I just gonna make love to her at the first opportunity.
    Hmmm. Interesting.
  • Pianaman;671827 said:
    Why doesn't everyone want a love interest?
    I don't know! Strange, right?
  • Pianaman;671827 said:
    Why does everyone want a love interest?
    Who is this "everyone" and where are they hiding?
  • The forums have become strange place since episode three.
  • Bearcules;671857 said:
    Yeah dude. The pregnant Carley fan-fiction was the last thing I expected to see after finishing episode 3. To each their own though.
  • I would have never guessed there would be a niche market that wants zombie apocalypse dating simulators.
  • Bearcules;672007 said:
    I would have never guessed there wouldn't be a niche market that wants zombie apocalypse dating simulators.
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