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The New Team Sucks????

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Really the New Team Chuck,Omid,Christa

Could you really survive a zombie apoc with em???

I have to say i dont think so

Lee might wanna break off with Kenny and Clem and get a boat to a Island lol
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  • We will see in EP 4 if this team sucks, so far I just hope the guy with the broken leg dies off this he will slow down the team.
  • Personally I don't think along the lines of "what asset do they bring to the group?" I'm thinking about characterization, and I think that their personalities are all just as engaging as the other characters we've met so far.
  • I'm not to excited about this new team
  • I don't think we know enough about the new guys to make that kind of decision yet. People are complex and don't display all of their skills, reactions and how they deal under constant pressure on first impressions or a few conversations.

    I mean look at Kenny he was everyone’s bro in the first episode, after episode 2 though some people had second thoughts.
  • I told Christa we might be trouble. Then, I said we aren't in the mood for new people, and I told her to mind her own business in the train station. Sounds like a good relationship. Shame that Omid got injured. He's like Glenn. I don't like Chuck's morality, but I won't shoot him.
  • Chuck seems like the Yoda of the zompox telling Lee how to survive and keep Clem safe although I do wonder what other little girl he saw get killed.

    Omid is the love child of Duck and Ben so no, just no ok.

    Christa is well, a grade A witch, but a witch with potential.

    I've already told Clem were going our own way so we'll see how that works out, maybe take Chuck so he can fight radio guy over Clem if thats their prefrence.
  • anyone else have a problem with christa claiming to be an expert on everything ?

    she turns up with her 'whipped' boyfriend saying they don't want a group, no supplies with them, both take a liking to clem and tell lee how to raise her, saying you do this n that all in the first 5 minutes..of meeting us..

    she then waits till we handled the station walkers to show up to continue her berating of lee's choices.. personally i think they are connected to mr x on the walkie...
  • Milosuperspesh;672516 said:
    she then waits till we handled the station walkers to show up to continue her berating of lee's choices.
    I was kinda wondering why she didn't get off her butt and go with Lee and Clem in the first place. Then to criticize them for going...

    Lilly 2.0
  • Well, she's obviously doing something right.

    If you check the splash screen for Episode 4, you see her, Lee and Kenny in the sewer....

    I mean, I'm not saying that proves she's awesome or anything, but she's clearly not fodder. (no sign of Chuck, Ben or Omid in that screen)
  • All I'm gonna say is that survivors offer a horrible first impression, but you'll end up loving them by the time they die.

    My first exposure to TWD was the TV series, so when Rick first meets Glen - I did not like him, Andrea? Nope.. Now I love every single one of those characters

    Same here, when you first run into Lilly, Glen, Carley, Doug and Larry the first impression is horrible, you don't want to be stuck with these people, and by the end of the episode you like most of them.
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