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New love?

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See ive put this in the spoiler section because I think it could happen, anyway I was thinking that what if in the next episode you meet Clem's mum and she thanks you so much for saving Clem. I'll try to make sure my lee doesn't fall for her, what about you?
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  • chaz99;671234 said:
    Yes, they are a couple. As Tony Soprano would say...


    The ZA is no place for romance. That crap is so done.
    say it again brah! people acting like the ZA is filled with hot lonely women on the prowl
    this isnt a singles bar, people are fighting for their lives here
  • chaz99;671234 said:
    Yes, they are a couple.
    They have a cat and everything. Doesn't get much more serious than that.
  • Omid and Christa are definitely a couple - Omid called her "hon".
  • Well, there's the chance that Omid could die, which would leave open the possibility of Lee and Christa getting together.

    Conversely, Christa could die and Lee could hook up with Omid. They already have so much in common!
  • DreadMagus;672271 said:
    Leg Injury?
    Yeah, seems that an infection was settling in.
  • I honestly wouldn't want my Lee to get romantically involved with anyone, with shit constantly going down, the last thing I'd need in that game is trying to keep a romance. Nope, didn't save Carley on Ep. 1. But that has nothing to do with not wanting a romance, I swear.
  • NessaT;672303 said:
    Yeah, seems that an infection was settling in.
    I told him 'land on the balls of your feet' but did he listen, noooo
  • DreadMagus;671637 said:
    I hope there's no more romance with Lee, this season. Would cheapen his feelings for Carley... just sayin'.
  • Really, the focus of the game (when not dealing with cannibals, trigger happy harpies, suicides and bites) has been the relationship between Lee and Clem. Having wiped out a potential girlfriend and the only other child, I can't see them introducing anyone else at this point who will detract from their relationship.
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