TWD: Request: mousewheel alternative

Is there some alternative keyboard-based control for the mousewheel actions? If so, I couldn't find one, and it would have been much appreciated.

I played through Ep1 and Ep2 on my desktop without any particular issues. I ended up playing through Ep3 on my laptop though, and due to circumstances didn't have access to a "real" mouse for it -- as a consequence I had to use a trackpad for everything.

This didn't cause any problems for navigation even in the action scenes, except for one thing: the mousewheel. It doesn't have one, but it does treat dragging the very edge of the pad as a mousewheel. Unfortunately, it's not very precise -- during the exploration/puzzle sequences it was like playing slots or roulette as it would spin through all the options and I had to try to click at the right moment to stop it on the one I wanted. Sometimes it took several tries but it was never really an issue since there was no time limit. (Well, almost none. The cursor faded out, taking my hard-fought action selection with it, if I didn't click it sufficiently fast after the mouseover.)

The action sequence in the station was extremely frustrating, though. I knew what I had to do, but it required a mousewheel action within a pretty short timeframe and I ended up dying and replaying that particular sequence at least twenty times before I finally managed to get it to settle on the right action and let me through to the next section of the game.

I normally enjoy the action sequences, and I don't want them toned down or anything, but I do implore you: think of the poor laptop users! Either add some keyboard controls to swap actions (or make them more obvious if they already exist) or make it so that timed action sequences like this don't require you to swap actions.


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    Number keys... 1-2-3 etc. It get's explained at begin of EP1 in the cop car.
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    I thought I tried those, and I don't recall that particular scene, but ok, I'll believe you. Still, EP1 was what, four or five months ago now? Can't they add a reminder to the controls screen?
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    I've had the same problem. My solution was turning off Smooth scrolling in Logitech Setpoint.
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