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Why did they kill........?

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Carley? :(

Was it Drama?

Was it planned from the beginning?

Was it budget cuts?

Was it a short straw draw by the VAs?

Who would really know this answer?

Do we really want to know the answer?

Personally, I think the entire story was set in stone before they even started coding.
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  • they're probably not kidding, thats the scary part but I like the definition of static vs dynamic char. The only part I didnt like is where Ben is dynamic; this means we have to bear the sight of him because he wont be dying until we see his glorious change...Im getting sick
  • Okay, the Ben part is a bit of a stretch, I'll admit that. Personally, I don't really hate Ben as much as a lot of others do, and I'm honestly pretty impressed that they're taking the time to develop a character who seemed like such an empty throwaway character in episode 2 that I was sure he'd be thoughtlessly offed in episode 3.
  • what about the new 3 - I would say Chuck has definite potential to be a dynamic char
    Omid has red shirt written all over him, imo
  • We'll see. It's a bit early to tell, given that they're all introduced in the last half of episode 3.

    I think Chuck might be dynamic. Already we're having a transition from someone who's a loner to someone who's working with a group.

    Things like "dynamic" or "static" character are things you discern over time. Too early to tell. I do, however, like the three new characters. I think that they all have very well-established personalities and character traits that make them engaging and believable as people. I think Telltale's done great with that across the board.
  • Carley was likeable, had great aim, and gave Lee the opportunity to come clean. However, since dying, she has started to get a little annoying.
  • Hey hey hey, it's rude to speak ill of the dearly departed.
  • Personally, I think Doug or Carley whoever you picked "I picked Doug" should've died in EP5, mostly because i didn't get to know Doug enough, it's only been 3 episodes and we hardly spent time with Doug or Carley, EP1 we talked and we got a little cool, EP2 we didn't see much of them but they did save our asses from Andy, EP3 we were just looking for stolen medicine, and hardly talked to Doug or Carley, well aside from getting a kiss from Carley and Doug talking about how chalk is made or something.
    Then they just got killed off 10minutes later by Lilly because she insisted on thinking stealing is like killing... you'd think she'd have more respect for people's lives.
  • Well this whole static /dynamic characterisation has some flaws. Clem is also static by your definition and I think most people will agree that her life is pretty save until the end.

    Also if Carley was just supporting there wouldn't be so much sympathy among the people here for her. Judging from the end of ep3 not even Lee cares for her as much as the audience, at least he doesn't seem to mourn.

    In a story in which "dynamic" characters are all over the place and act totally random, a character that is reliable and plausible obviously gets more sympathy. So I don't see why her death should be common sense. This might be a bad call by the devs.

    But anyway, I don't take issue with her dying per se. But I do with it being executed so sloppily and conveying the feeling that nothing really matters you choose.
  • Well, the problem with Lee mourning, is that the player chooses Lee's responses normally.

    It doesn't really work to have the main character breakdown and have an short period of tear-fed angst. Besides, who can he really cry to?

    Kenny? (Lost more than Lee)
    Ben? (THIS IS SPARTA!...and off the train he goes)
    Clem? (She's just a kid)

    Chuck? (rofl, please)
  • Gman5852;671792 said:
    So many things wrong with this statement

    [*]Being shot in the cheak does not mean she lives. That is still fatal
    [*]She got NO medical attention, she would bleed out
    [*]She doesn't even know where the group was headed! They decided to go to savanah AFTER she was left behind.
    [*]She is unarmed so any walkers would kill her

    But go ahead and stay in la la land, tell me how the chocolate milk made from unicorns tastes!
    Well man, that's just like your opinion man..
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