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TWD: MAJOR GLITCH: Duck is missing! [minor Ep 3 spoilers]

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Firstly, I apologise profusely if this has already been mentioned; I had a quick look for threads, but there are just so many spoiler threads here, even in the thread titles, that I didn't dare look further.

I've just encountered an incredibly annoying glitch. It's not game-breaking, but it completely ruins immersion.

Right after Chuck first appears at the train, the Duck animation completely disappears! Up until this point, he's right there in Katjaa's arms, but as soon as Chuck's on the scene, he's gone - first in Chuck's introductory cutscene, then in the game itself.

Here's a screenshot:


I haven't played any further, and no doubt he'll reappear once I'm in the next area, but this has really quite spoiled what has so far been a great episode!

EDIT: OK, so I restarted the scene, and he's back - though he did flicker for a second. Felt like I got a glimpse of the Matrix...
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  • I had the exact same glitch. It sort of pulled me out of what had been a rather amazing episode so I tried to fix it but exiting the game and starting it back up. After having to get around some weird save game oddness (it looked like I hadn't even played episode 2 even though I had) I got back into the game and he was still missing out of Kat's arms. I let the scene play out and as soon as they all started walking next to the train he showed up again.

    But that's when things got weird. Quite a few times after that I got character responses that were completely out of wack with my choices that showed up AFTER the dialog was obviously done. It didn't happen often but it happened enough to remind me I was playing a game that was buggy.

    Then, when I finished episode 3, it showed me my choices vs. everyone elses and each line just pulled a field name and not an actual choice name. I believe somebody else reported that on these forums too. So I have no clue what even the key choices were for the episode or how I fared compared to other people.

    This was the best episode yet I thought but it definitely had a ton of bugs that almost ruined it for me.
  • I had the same issue. At first, I thought my eyes were just tired, as I was playing late, but after a while it was really obvious that his character model was missing.
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