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Somewhat unsure /how/ to go about my own game

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Allow me to explain (signed up to the site to write this).

I've been playing TWD since it came out, and probably replayed both Ep1 and Ep2 three times each (since Ep3 isnt out here yet, EU PSN) and all times I kept myself spoiler free on my first time so all choices were new.

Each time I play I always save Carly (because she has the gun, not sure what Doug brings to the group)

I try to remain neutral, but of course that tends to bite me in the backside thanks to Kenny calling me out on not taking sides or helping him beat up Larry when Duck was originally suspected of being bitten. Despite how much I hated Larry, I did like Lilly, and tried to help save Larry in the Meat Locker. After Kenny killed Larry, I was in a state of disbelief and disliked that Kenny had just jumped to the conclusion due to his already anxious state.

Unfortunately, thanks to the delays of Ep3, and having someone tell me "Hey, how did you feel when Lilly killed Carly?" and "Duck and Katjaa's deaths were really sad" pretty much spoiled those surprises for me.

Now I'm conflicted on how I should go about for Ep3. I don't like that Lilly kills Carly, after looking it up (because it was spoiled for me anyway) about the bandits and Carly just piling insult after insult onto Lilly's crumbling mental state. But, knowing that Duck and Katjaa get killed mad me feel bad that Kenny would lose them both and feel horrid (especially since Duck is just a kid).

I'm stuck now on wondering if I should continue being somewhat on Lilly's side, or siding more with Kenny. How did you guys make your choices on who to support?
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  • do whatever feels right to you, it will make you sad no matter who you side with :)
  • Exactly, try not letting knowing what happens guide your choices. For example, I liked Kenny on episode 1 and 2, but when it came to trying to save Larry or not, I just couldn't side with Kenny, no matter how much I preferred his character over Lilly's. And on episode 3, up until his finding out Duck was bitten, I was inclined to pick choices that were a bit against him (siding more with Lilly) as he was being a dick both to me and Lilly. So pick whatever you think you would do in the situation.
  • Just play it - there is no right or wrong path - just what's right or wrong for you. :)
  • like everyone else is saying, we cant play your game for you, go with your gut feelings
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