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Do you guys think there should be a new Wallace & Gromit full length movie?

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
I think They Should. Curse of the Were-Rabbit was great and i loved it. W&G's Short films and specials are good but i think it's time for them to return back to the big screen. I'm posting this here as because like other people said, Hardly anyone vists the W&G fourms so If it's ok with the Mods can it stay here please?
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  • I would like to see a new short, or even a movie for Wallace and gromit. I do know that it took awhile for Curse of the were rabbit to get off of the ground. There most recent movie with stop motion was with Pirates, I dont know if they are planning to do anything else with stop motion. But a new wallace and gromt short or a movie would be something :)
  • Hell yes they should. I'd be first in line to get a ticket.
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