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Best moment of the series so far for you ? and Worst moment ?

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Out of the 3 episodes that have been released what is the best moment out of the 3 episodes for you ? or funniest? me it would have too be when Larry and Kenny are arguing in the drug store , just the dialogue in the scene cracked me up " We got to throw him out , or smash his head in" haha

and Worst moment so far?
Probably when you find out the st johns were cannibals in ep2 , i dunno i mean i liked the episode but i thought the whole idea of them eating people was old and didn't do it for me like i know it was a good change from the zombies but just didn't do it for me was boring ,

Whats your best and worst moments so far?
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  • Best: Watching Larry eat the meat
  • when he was in the meat locker screaming i was thinking in my head 'you mad bro'? :D
  • Yeah, definitely fighting the St. John brothers. That was very intense, I actually killed Danny out of anger, because of what he had done to us, but after knowing Clem witnessed it I instantly felt like I shouldn't have done that. Didn't kill Andy though, he being like "Get back here and finish this!!" was epic.

    And well, after the completely unexpected act of heroism from Doug and he taking that bullet for Ben made me feel just so bad and angry and stuff, but I couldn't direct that anger neither at Lilly nor Ben... I'll miss Doug =/
  • Best: Fighting the St.John brothers. EPIC!

    Worst: Katjaa taking her own life, and Duck being shot :( (Duck's deadth was also a bad, I'll miss him...)
  • Its a tie between finding out Mark's fate(I thought I would see what was left of his body, I didn't expect to find what's left of his body WHILE HE IS STILL ALIVE! That's just freaky.), and the fight with the Saint Johns.
  • best : talk with clem and fight the brothers

    worst : when kenny and lily get fight for who lead the group or about leaving the motor and carley death
  • Best- Lilly trying to drop a bomb shell on Lee but no one cared because he was honest

    Worst-Seeing Kenny after his family die
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    Best : When duck died (I know It was sad but it was necessary)

    Worst : when that son a bitch (kenny) killed Larry
  • Best moment: Fighting Andy in episode 2 with everyone watching you or teaching Clementine how to shoot in episode 3.

    Worst moment: Kenny losing Duck and Katjaa.
  • Hm...I think people have a different view of best and worst than I do. I think it is suppose to mean in quality of execution rather than moment that upset you right? I think that is the OP's intent.

    Best: The Meatlocker. Probably the scene next to Carley's death that made a stone hit my stomach the hardest. Carley's was terribly sad, but Larry's was just out of nowhere (I chose to revive him and I think it is more powerful because of that). Right when I thought I could win trust in Lee by helping him....smash!

    Worst: Episode 3's climax/ending. Complain all you want about the twist with the St. John's, but they at least made it interesting to watch if not terribly original. The end to Episode 3, however, just felt lackluster. I partly blame the fact the two most powerful moments in the game happen before it. After such powerful moments, the climax of a random zombie horde that's not even close to catching you is kind of a letdown. Plus, it introduced my currently two least favorite characters with Christa and Omid and expected me to care about saving one of them despite having no investment. If they made the stuff with Duck the climax instead, I think it would have paid off a lot better!
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