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Chuck (Charles if you're fancy)

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As requested. Nope, he's not Terry St. John and no, that wasn't his family picture in the cab of the train. What's your take on the man of mystery, our bum guru, the candyman? Theories and predictions on his past, future and ETD?
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  • DreadMagus;672820 said:
    Or he wants a replacement.... "don't trust CLEM, come with daddy chuck"
  • I think he's the classic "don't judge a book by it's cover", character archetype.

    Later in the story, something fucked up is going to happen and everyone in the group will blame him because of his shady appearance, but the truth is he's actually a stand-up guy.
  • All I know for sure about this guy is that he survived over three months on his own in a ZA. He was also doing just fine before Lee and Co. showed up and commandeered his home.

    His past does not matter anymore, his future is uncertain now that he's with our group, his ETD is mid to late episode 4 like chapter 6.
  • i think chuck is the most interesting out of the three new ones, when we have a conversation about our plans did anybody mention a plan he likes? because i don't think i have
  • I'm kinda torn, yeah he's interesting, but what kind of person tells a little girl she's going to die just like her friend, moments after that friend was killed. He's a bit of a sick twist.
  • DreadMagus;672733 said:
    The walkie has a short range..... I still can't shake the feeling he's on the other end.
    This theory crossed my mind too. Chuck may be a very good actor. Alternatively, after being homeless for so long, he may have adopted multiple personalities.

    However, his desire to travel with the group to Savannah weakens this theory. He could have stolen Clementine from Lee in the forest with his already established trust and the promise of more candy. (Ben could be overpowered, Katjaa was busy with Duck, Kenny and Lee were busy with the train.)

    Like, maybe Chuck organised a trap or trade in Savannah, but it seems unlikely, considering the distance. It would have been difficult to communicate and coordinate.
  • DreadMagus;672733 said:
    The walkie has a short range..... I still can't shake the feeling he's on the other end.
    That would be very far-fetched. The train is small. I think that Ban, Christa and Omid would be pretty suspicious if they saw him talking to a radio. Also, Chuck can easily check where everyone is. Why would he talk to Clementine if he knows that she is sleeping, and Lee and Kenny are nearby?
  • I think Chuck's just being brutally honest because being an outsider is what comes "naturally" to him. In my limited experience bums and other outcasts tend to orchestrate their own exclusion from the community ad nauseam by "misbehaving". Chucks going about it in a rather mellow way though. He's not unreasonable once you talk to him and his offending honesty is tied to his desire to help the group, or at least part of it.

    What do I think will happen to Chuck? Well, worst case scenario is that his big plan in Savannah ends up with him senselessly drunk. Anything darker than a drunken hobo would be a bad call from telltale. The group has had enough perverts and nutjobs to deal with in the previous episodes and with the walkie-talkie man lurking about in ep 4, I don't think another sicko would add any shock value.

    Plus him being an allright guy and a hobo might be much more horrible(all that searing cognitive dissonance) for most gamers, than him being a sicko who wants to see little girls suffer.
  • I found it weird people thought the engineer's picture was Chuck's family.
    Chuck was living in the boxcar, the picture was taped right next to the dead engineer in the engine room
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