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Theori about the creapy guy on the walkie

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People are asking, how they can make this next episode (4) even darker.

Well what little we know about the guy on the walkie is, that he have been able to con Clementine into believing, that he has her parents. Could he be telling the truth..? He is at least lying about Clementines farther, since we already head (on the anwseringmachine), that he was attackt and in the hospital. So it seams within reason to assume, that he is a walker or dead.

So is Clementines mother alive? Well it would not surprise me, if she was. However I do not believe, that the walkie guy has her.

So what could the walkie guys intentions be? Well he did trick Clementine, and she is kind of smart, but still a child. So I believe that this guy has some expierince in manipulating children. So given the fact, that this episode has to be darker than ep 3, I believe, that this man is kidnapping children for some sick purposes.

I do not know the TWD frainchies well enough to know, if this would be to cross the line for darkness and sick people, we meet in the TWD serie. It is kind of hard to tell, since kanibalism was just another day on the office.

So what do you think guys. Could this walkie guy be some disgusting child abuser, levieng in a pet store and keeping children in cages?
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  • i'm going with he is a pedo, he has her parents but they are both walkers, in a hershals barn scenario..

    and clem goes to see them and we have to kill them to save clem.
  • Well since we have people thinking that certain characters can survive gunshots to the head, eff it, Clem's dad is alive too and he's only walker in his left arm. We're gonna clear that up for him then circle back and go pick Carley up, she must have one doozey of a headache by now
  • Milosuperspesh;672627 said:
    i'm going with he is a pedo, he has her parents but they are both walkers, in a hershals barn scenario..

    and clem goes to see them and we have to kill them to save clem.
    I did not think of that:) That would be good for the darkness of this senario.

    Remember when you had to stop her from eating human meat in ep 2? Maybe you will have to stop the creapy guy before he violates her..? Prehaps it could happen, given the senarios where you have to try and projekt her precios little mind.

    Does anyone else have some teories on this guy?
  • Why doesn't anyone search before opening a new thread? There are a ton of theories already posted.
  • On a side note I notice almost no threads about Chuck... he is by far the most unreadable guy in the series so far. Is it cause he's old or cause he comes off as benign that he doesnt get as much press, so to speak
  • Honestly, it's not looking good. I'm afraid that my Lee is going to have quite a bit of difficulty -not- killing this guy. Unless he has a good explanation for taking advantage of a little girl like this.
  • Man, it'd be great if Lee spends a portion of the game tied up watching terrible things happen to Clem, then finally gets free. As Lee stands up you get the usual choice screen: kill the man, don't kill the man. Time stops.

    But your mouse won't move. You can't make the decision. Instead Lee moves forward and hammers the guy's face to nothing. After a continued sequence of blind fury, you can eventually stop Lee. As he realizes what he's done, Clem comes up and hugs him.

    "You did the right thing," she says.
  • While I'm sure TTG is trying their best to mirror the comics' way of things, I think rape might actually be one of the lines they refuse to cross... Especially if it's a child. Obviously, the shit happens in the comic, but a video game is a much different medium than a comic. Even if they didn't actually animate anything, they'd have to get the point across somehow, be it through sound or what have you.

    I'm pretty confident that the farthest this will go is the "threat" of it happening, and nothing more. The media backlash would be ridiculous otherwise...
  • I'm sure you're right. I don't mean to say that I think Telltale will depict the rape of a child. I do think we're going to get awfully close to a line. Maybe even step on it.
  • Carl in TWD comic book almost got r*ped. Jus' sayin', but I don't think Telltales is as ballsy as Kirkman.
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