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Episode 3 ruined everything

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The first time I'm not looking forward to new release at all. If it comes out, I'll play, if not, I'm not bothered. Well done TTG! episode 3 ruined everthing and also appeared everything about that fake choice making.
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  • Personally, I believe that with this episode "shit just got serious" the game was simply giving you a taste of what is to come, and i'm more than excited to see what it is.

    Stop complaining that you could not save Carley, yeah I liked Carley too but this is The Walking Dead, people die all the time and most the time it's not up to you, you are not god and do not decide who lives and who dies.

    You are only in charge for your actions, not the actions of the other characters, and your actions do matter, however they cannot "override" the actions of others, you're not more important than anyone else.
  • dubesor;672570 said:
    Carley, beloved and saved by the majority of players is taken out of the story in the same way Doug does. There is nothing in the entire series you could have done or said to prevent it. This applies to all characters and their deaths.
    False actually, Carley and Doug both die thanks to Lilly and a gun, but that is the end of the similiarities. Carley dies by nagging Lilly into murdering her like the idiot she is, and Doug dies by saving Ben who Lilly was about to kill. Problem Carley fans?
    Players are frustrated of not being able to alter anything. They do NOT (mostly) expect to always choose who lives and dies, but if the players actions don't even make the slightest difference it is no wonder the player might become frustrated. Thus far, the game is more like a movie.
    But your choice did matter, Carley or Doug got to live for 2 more episodes and your group benefitted in different ways from it, just because they both eventually die does not mean they did nothing during those 2 episodes they lived.
  • It's all ruined gaiz, everything.
  • While Carley has become my favorite character in any video game, I think that TellTale accomplished what it wanted, emotional responses like this. Carley/Doug's death has affected the players so much, and that's just telling them that they're doing their job right. Their death proved many points. I just hope it wasn't so that Lilly in the game would merge with Lilly in the comics. I say keep on playing and see how the rest unfolds. The current team right now isn't the best, but who knows what will happen? Just like how we had no idea things would turn out in ep 3 the way they did.
  • The choices i have made just dont feel much of a maor impact on the story thats continuing anyways. With episode 3 taking away most of the choices and sides i made, and the remaining characters arent very worth protecting besides clementine. Eventually kenny i feel will snap too since he lost everything he cared for during the middle of episode 3, ben made a stupid choice and i defended him for them against lily cause i thought it was doug cause he was defending him and acting suspicious. Chuck is decent but i dont feel he will stick around, christa and omid just dont feel as cooperative or as decent as lily, carley, or even katjaa. christa will commit suicide sometime episode 4 or 5 as seen in the trailer, guessing after omid dies or is eaten. And lee and gang will end up walking into some kind of trap trying to find clementines parents.
  • SonnyN18;662939 said:

    Now, ask yourselves, what other game makes a player go through an emotional journey like that?
    Heavy Rain.
  • This is my first experience with The Walking Dead (haven't read the comic or watched the show). I wouldn't say this episode ruined The Walking Dead. However, episode 3 is a good stopping point. Before people counter that the stories of Lee and Clem aren't over, I agree. However, episode 3 reveals the message and narrative structure for The Walking Dead.

    The world of the The Walking Dead is hopeless and human vice and virtue are irrelevant. Trust people or don't, work with them or don't, live for yourself or don't, prepare or don't ... it won't change much. In the end, you and everyone you meet will die.

    In episodes 1 and 2, the mystery and hope drew me into the story. Maybe people could learn to work together and survive against the new threats. Maybe Lee was deciding to trust (or not) people and become a leader or let other people take on that role. The hope, however, was actually ignorance, both on the part of the characters and me as a player. Episode 3 educated everyone that surviving is impossible. In that regard, I respect The Walking Dead's take on a zombie apocalypse. I think it's a bold decision to declare that humanity is hopeless.

    Now that I know better, I will have a hard time being suckered into caring about hopeless characters and situations. I now expect to meet new characters, make supposedly tough decisions while knowing the result, and then watch characters die. That's about as much dramatic tension as reading obituaries. The main tension left is when will people die, and will the series kill Lee, Clem, or both?
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    This it's the walking dead argument is nonsense when the game was marketed and tells you constantly the story matters for your choices.

    "A tailored game experience – Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions that you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series."

    The game even tells you this each episode. So it would have been nice to have doug/ carly survive for a bit longer at least just felt like a backfire to kill them the next episode i didn't want them to be gods but the shock factor of anyone dying but Clem will be reduced for episode 4. And lets be honest the gameplay elements weren't really that hard or id be stumped as i suck at point and click games.

    That said the choices did matter to me personally and is reading the reasons why you save x or y , or whether you shot the girl outside the store but i recognize this doesn't make a huge difference to the story / actions. Like my "plan" of searching from clem's parents was thrown out the window in the episode 4 trailer.

    It probably doesn't help that im not a fan of the comics and only watched the show so i didn't know who lily was and i tried to make her like me which was pointless if she's going off to do other things in season 3 of the TV show i assume.
  • it not about the story changing it's how and who lee is during it..

    and how 'our' actions affect clem...
  • If the game upset you, and made you feel like your choices don't matter, and left you feeling discouraged and hopeless, then the game designers succeeded. That is the world of TWD. It is not a feel-good world. It is supposed to piss you off.

    If you are playing this game with the idea that you want to "win", or to try to save the people you like, then you will be very disappointed.
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