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Best moment of the series so far for you ? and Worst moment ?

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Out of the 3 episodes that have been released what is the best moment out of the 3 episodes for you ? or funniest? me it would have too be when Larry and Kenny are arguing in the drug store , just the dialogue in the scene cracked me up " We got to throw him out , or smash his head in" haha

and Worst moment so far?
Probably when you find out the st johns were cannibals in ep2 , i dunno i mean i liked the episode but i thought the whole idea of them eating people was old and didn't do it for me like i know it was a good change from the zombies but just didn't do it for me was boring ,

Whats your best and worst moments so far?
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  • Best moment- was when you found out the St John's were cannibals. Man was i shocked but it was pretty awesome :D

    Worst moment- hmm Taking Ben into the group :p
  • JackSchirmer;673138 said:
    Thing is, if you leave the St. John's alive, aren't they simply going to continue, as long as they're alive, trapping, mutilating, murdering, and eating innocent travelers?

    Don't you have the moral obligation to execute them, whether in anger or after due consideration?

    What would their punishment have been in the pre-ZA world for their Dahmeresque crimes? Life imprisonment, at a minimum, and a death sentence in any state that allowed it. The only question remaining is, does the ZA provide a mitigating circumstance? In this case, I think, clearly not. There's still food out there. They do live on a farm. The soil is still fertile. They have corn, for example.

    Life imprisonment wasn't an option, so executing the family was the only moral thing you could have done, given the circumstances. That it might have occured in front of Clem was unfortunate, but you didn't have the option during the game of taking Danny aside and killing him out of Clementine's view.
    They were only eating people because it was ZA, pre-ZA I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened. While I still don't think they should have turned to cannibalism, the bandits might have somewhat helped in that happening, because they had to keep both their family and the bandits fed, and well, human meat was an easier option.

    About killing them being the morally right thing to do... well, that's where the fun is. People have different sets of morals. My morals make sure I'm unable to think killing people is the right thing to do, and that's why when I realized I had killed Danny, I felt awful (Clementine seeing it triggered that reaction). I for one like to think that leaving them alive is an act that shows you have retained part of your humanity, and I believe it's still possible to survive in a ZA with it, although it makes it harder for obvious reasons.

    And well, even if you leave them alive, all that commotion brings the walkers to the farm and they end up dying, Danny because he's trapped and Andy because he has nothing left to live for and is completely broken (which kinda reminds me of Kenny when his family dies). And who knows if they'd have kept doing it if they lived? I like to believe people can change.
  • For me, best moments: Every time i told with Clem, i felt peace, relax and sometime it's very funny.
    Worst moments: When i tried to save Larry, I saw Larry's move and bam... finish. And Clem started to cry when she saw it. It's terrible for her.
    Carley death. Shoot Duck (I'm just close my eyes and click, it's very sad)
  • best- clem's i don't know and putting bugs under ducks pillow, duck thinks your totally awesome.

    worst- but well made ducks last minutes, kenny's emotion,

    and for best wtf moment, clem is a walker 'dream'
  • Best Moment - Fighting the Bandit Raid

    Worst Moment - When Doug Died
  • Best moments: fighting Andy/everytime we talk one on one with Clem.

    Worst moment: Doug starting to speak up and then being killed trying to protect Ben :/
  • Another bad moment: Lee riding in the police car in the start of episode 1. I've played that scene through so many times...
  • Best moment: In episode 3, right after reaching the train I choose the "look at" option for the RV's door. Lee puts on the biggest "derp" face ever

    Worst moment: Choking kenny halfway to death. It felt like i was saying "i don't like your family, you are a terrible father and i am going to randomly attack you for not accepting Duck's fate"
  • Best - Lee vs. St. Johns
    Worst - Basically the first 2/3 of Episode 3...the group just couldn't catch a break
    Honorable mention - Seeing Mark crawling without his legs for the first time
  • Best moment? Lee saying "There ain't no batterys in dis thang" worst moment? ...I cant think of a worst moment, its been too enjoyable when I was actually ingame.
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