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Fight Kenny or Talk Him Down?

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I am curious to see how people played out this scenario and why.

Personally, I took the talk down approach. Sure, we all want a little action and who better than the guy who prematurely killed an old man having a heart attack right? However, throughout Episode 3 it felt like they gave a lot more logic and reasoning behind his actions. There is clearly something on his mind he can't get past and it might even help him in the long run to deal with it. So I talked to him about it and I think I did the right thing personally.

I never felt Kenny was "a bad man." He can be too impulsive, but at his core I can feel he is a genuinely nice person. I am glad I stuck to that feeling.
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  • I talked him down, until he tried to punch my face in. I think we two just don't get along too well. :(
  • Not only I fought him, but I also kicked his ass.
    There were lessons to be learned in that scene. Kenny believed himself to be the alpha of the group, now that Lilly was gone. Well, I'm sorry bro, but you aren't, not anymore. I told him to stop the train, I tried to be good and understanding but he needed some kicking...
    I did however offer and shoot Duck. It was only appropriate that Batman should finish Robin. :p
    In the end I told him that Clem and I would go our own way once we hit Savannah. He wasn't happy about it.
  • Talk him down.

    Fistfights are always boring and fighting with a person operating a moving train is rather irresponsible in my opinion.
  • If I recall correctly, when we knew that Larry was going to die, he hesitated about half of a second.... Therefore I had no problem beating some sense in to him.

    He came at me with a fist, and I knocked him back and told him how it was a few times before he whimpered and went back to do this.

    Can't have it both ways man. I felt bad for the guy but we can't have a walker in the train. Not with Clem back there just a couple feet from Duck. We had to take out the obvious danger that was about to happen. Once I saw the blood on the napkin, I knew I was making Kenny stop this train no matter what. And I did.
  • Wow I didn't even know i could talk him down, i talked and then HE started to punch me in the face i was like DAFAQ?
  • I talked him down. I wouldn't hesitate to kick his ass if necessary, but it wasn't for me.
  • My Lee talked him down, what sort of sicko fights a man to try and make him kill his son?
  • Zeruis;673629 said:
    Talk him down. Fighting him when his son is dying in the back car is immoral.
    What are morals when the dead are eating the living.
  • The_Cheshire_Cat;675629 said:
    What are morals when the dead are eating the living.
    They're the only things seperating us from the walkers.
  • The only thing separating the group from the walkers is life.

    Everything else is fair game.
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