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Stuck in the station

posted by Tony1961 on - last edited - Viewed by 211 users
I was enjoying Ep 3 until I entered the station. No matter how many times I back away and try to grab that tool, I can't stop those two zombies from killing me. I watched a walk-through on You Tube and the guy did it straight away, but that wasn't using a PC. Any ideas how I can get past this? :confused:
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  • they make the automatic click to make you look at it not pick it up, use the mouse wheel to make it pick it up instead of just looking at it, the icons are moved around not in a row at the bottom
  • Back off from the zombies (press W), do NOT bother hitting them. Keep walking until you are standing directly near the tool/door. Now use your mousewheel to change the action from *look* to *grab*. Alternatively press 2 if you don't have a mousewheel. Now smack the zombies.

    And yes I died 3 times or so at the same spot, it is very unintuitive.
  • to me this section was an xbox/ps3 controll dpad bug

    only this section gave me a red attack cross hair and not white reticule and intead of the vertical option display it's on the down and right points..

    took me a few tries to get past too and then christa came in and started bitchin...
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