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(Possible Spoilers)Some thoughts on episode 3, and some questions I have for you all

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Firstly, I know this thread is late due to it releasing late on PSN EU I couldn't play it for a duration of time as I was waiting for its imminent release, which I was greatly anticipating. I thought it was the best episode yet, although I was unhappy with the loss of characters it was still a great episode and I'm looking forward to ''Around Every Corner''. Anyway I have some questions for you all, if you'd be nice enough to asnwer them, I'd appreciate it.

1. Am I one of the only people who likes Ben? I mean...what he did was bad, but he didn't mean it, I mean if you put Kenny or Lee in his position and they thought the bandits had Clementine/Duck they would do the same, or atleast I think they would. I just think Ben is trying to prove himself, because he wants to help and he wants to be noticed. At the moment in the game Ben and Kenny are my main men.

2. Do any of you think that there will be newcomers to the group in episode 4 or 5?

3. Can anyone else see Clementine departing from the group during episode 4, and then Lee finds her again in episode 5?

4. Who do you think will die in episode 4? do you think it will be a Carley/Doug scenario, if it is I think it will be between Ben/Chuck, as Kenny has been confirmed for episode 5. So one of the two would have to be chosen.

5. Lastly, if Lee survives the last episode, I think it would be nice if you could choose two of the other survivours to come with you through to season 2, where you'd save them at the end, although Clementine would already be with you so it's 2 of the other survivours out of the people that are left, I'd choose Ben and Kenny, Why? Because even though Kenny may do the wrong thing, he gets the job done and he has always been there for my Lee and is still by his side, and my Lee is by his. As for Ben, I just think he has potential and will grow into a strong and good survivor, also my Lee trusts him and Kenny. If somehow I couldn't choose one of them it would be Chuck, as I don't like Christa and Omid. Who would you choose, and why?

I apologise for the variety of questions, it would be nice if you could share your thoughts with me. Also, if Lee were to pass away I'd like to either play as Kenny or Ben in season 2, how about the rest of you? Thank you for reading.
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  • 1. Its more to do with the fact he acted alone and told no one of the deal, allowed Lilly to go crazy because of it, this one action resulted in several deaths which players had become attached to whilst Ben was still an known character.

    2. Ep four Radio guy, Ep 5 all bets are off.

    3. Its one theoty maybe depends on how you treated her.

    4. of course although I think the choice will be the other character and not made by you, so Keeny saves Clem because you saved Duck, Ben saves Kenny to attone for past mistakes etc...

    5. Ive already said im going my own way with Clem and maybe parent/s so we'll see what happens.

    I'd like a new cast for season two.
  • Okay, let's do this.

    1. No, I like Ben too. But he does have a lot of haters. It's just because of the method he chose to do his stuff, which indirectly caused the death of 3 people.

    2. I'm not sure if at that point there will be new people joining the group. I can't see it happening on episode 4, and if it were to happen in episode 5, there would be very little time to develop those characters.

    3. Yes, I've given that theory some thought. Maybe the group as a whole wants to look for a boat and Clem wants to look for her parents, and since Lee taught her how to take care of herself, she just runs away, which would explain why she's alone on the picture for episode 5.

    4. That choice would be a bit difficult... as much as I don't want that to happen, something tells me Ben, Chuck, and probably Omid aren't gonna last long with us...

    5. Well, I think I would do the same as you, as Ben and Kenny are the ones in the group I trust the most. But for season 2, I would honestly prefer a new cast with a different story, just like the above poster, although someone from TTG said the decisions on season 1 will be carried over to season 2, so... I don't really know.
  • I appreciate your thoughts, I enjoyed reading them:) Do you two think there will be more episodes in the next season?
  • Personally, I'm good with the 5 episodes format. I'd prefer they worked on the episodes and then announced the game. That way, they could stick to the monthly episode thing they had going in the beggining.
  • Alright, hopefully I'll get some more replies regarding my questions, that would be nice.
  • Still not sure if season two's being confirmed yet but five episodes format is a good structure to have a beginning, middle and end without the boring filler episodes that might come with a ten Ep season that could drag at the cost of quality
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