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Clementine already knew you're a murderer

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Who else recalls in episode 1 when Carley reveals she knows and Clem's in the room, also she questions you and I personally told her. Is amnesia a side effect of the disease?!
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  • She just didnt know the full story, doesnt really matter when she tells you that by now you have killed alot of things and it doesnt matter anymore.
  • She's 8.

    Plus, it gives you a chance to come fully clean with her.
  • She knows already. She aks you about it at the Episode 1, after Carley leaves out from the backstore.

    It's a plothole. A huge one.
  • Correction: She doesn't exactly know you're a -convicted- murderer. If I remember right, she never asks the circumstances. Maybe she was confused, I dunno. She merely asks if they were a walker, and whether or not they were bad. She doesn't ask -when- it happened. In this episode, she finds out you're actually a criminal and the murder happened before the plague even hit.

    I'll admit it, not the best reasoning but it's always possible.
  • In my last game we had a conversation in the drug store office, so that (I thought) was it. So I didn't bother to tell her at the Motor Inn in ep.3

    Then Clem called me on it while I was cutting her hair, and Lee apologizes, adding "now you can tell if someone is lying to you...that's an important survival skill, too..."

    Now I'm kinda glad I did keep it from her at the Motor Inn.
  • I was honest in episode 1 so it seemed like TTG assumed everyone was scared to tell her. Still going to redo it and change decisions and it will fit in!
  • Ya i was also kind of disappointed. In EP1 I told clementine that I killed someone and that he wasnt a walker and all. And in EP3 she completely acts like she never knew in the first place ..... so disappointing....
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