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Whose death made you so emotional?

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A lot of the characters have died already, but Carley's death just broke my damn heart!
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  • Xarne;673564 said:
    So we have a KennysBESTFRIEND and a Carley on the forums;
    whats's next LarrysHeadeache, BensGuiltyConscience? lol
    I was waiting for Katjaa and Duck usernames. I'm betting Carley is a Red Panda duplicate account.
  • Damn, why didn't I go with Larry'sSplatteredFace instead....
  • or DucksThirdEye...
    too soon?
  • Xarne;673459 said:
    What episode are you playing?
    Its a death in Ep 3 :P
  • I am not afraid to admit I was upset when Duck was killed, here is my reaction to it.
  • oh cool mack is on the forums !!

    for me carley's demise was sudden, unexpected and i wtf'd with shock not much emotion felt a bit angry maybe lol#

    but duck you see it coming, you know someones got to do it, you see the termoil of the group to what has to be done, kenny and katjaa's reasonings strike it home.

    then you see duck laying there slowly dying looking like shit then you have the choice do it yourself or make kenny do it..

    Thats emotion..imho
  • When Carley got shot, I paused the game, stumbled into my living room and babled something that made my cats look at me weird.

    I broke down during the scene with Kenny bargaining with Kat after he stopped the train. Made me think of my own parents. I can't believe I managed do play the rest of the episode without stopping or pausing once. Cried when Kat and Ken took him into the woods and I had to explain everything to Clem. I was honest.
  • Like many others, I have to say Carley. Not to the extent of some players that are so furious they want to quit the game forever. I've been reading TWD for years, and I know that no one is safe already. It doesn't mean I don't get attached. I was attached to the character who... let's say 'departed'... in the 100th issue along with other characters that have died over the comics run so far. Hell, I am NOT looking forward to whenever Kirkman does decide to off Rick. I'm not sure I'll be able to continue the comic at that point, but I know it's coming and have kind of accepted it.

    Regardless, I did have an emotional reaction at seeing it happen. I sat in stunned silence because I did not expect it to happen at all.

    Frankly, I wish Carley hadn't died, but it was worth it. The emotional reaction I and many others had when Carley or Doug died means that Telltale did their job. They crafted characters that we care about so deeply that we are visibly shaken by their deaths.
  • Can't believe anyone is choosing Carley's death over Duck's.

    Watching a kid like Duck slowly die in his mother's arms over a few scenes was so much worse than seeing Carley taken out by Lily. Carley's death was quite shocking, but watching Duck slowly turn grey and start wheezing was just gut-wrenching. Not to mention having to then kill him or have his father kill him.

    I actually think there's something a bit wrong mentally with anyone who was more effected by Carley dying than Duck. Duck dying was seriously one of the saddest things i've ever seen in video games. Carley was a nice girl and all, but come on. Duck was a fun-loving, fairly simple, kid, who was running round playing Batman only an hour or so earlier.

    Also, as for all these 'special bonds' and 'connections' with Carley. She fancied Doug until you let him die. She simply moved onto the only other eligible male in the group.
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