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xbox 360 TWD save file issues

posted by C86Rose on - last edited - Viewed by 261 users
Ok, so I have been anxiously and not so patiently waiting for episode three to be released. Now I have it and am completely unable to play it!
When I finish episode 2 it freezes on the stats screen every time. I have deleted my save files and started over multiple times and it still does it every time. So I finally decided screw it I would play episode three with randomized decisions. However, it wont even let me do that. Every time I go to my save file and try to play the 3rd episode (it doesn't even give me the option to randomize) it starts up like it is going to let me play and then when it loads it starts up at the beginning of episode 1 and in the process deletes my save file. This has happened a total of 4 times to me now.
So I purchased the third episode and have yet to get to play it and I have officially replayed the first 2 episodes at least 6 times now. Why can't I play my game? Why does it keep deleting my save files? WHAT CAN I DO NOW? PLEASE HELP!!
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  • Okay, so I really don't get it. Whats the point of having a game support forum when you don't even take the time to respond when someone posts an issue. I am so sick and tired of the lack of support and proper business ethic from telltale. This is beyond unbelievable....wait and wait for the new episode and then you can't even play it. This is the worst game I have ever purchased. not for the game play or the graphics or any of that...but for the total and complete disregard for your customers and their concerns or issues. Telltale you are a joke!
  • I posted a novel of a reply, but apparently Telltale can't even program a forum correctly, so it didn't post. Or maybe it's just because it was filled with expletives, I don't know.

    If you want to play the third episode, just re-download it. Right now it only works with random decisions and will corrupt any saves you try to access with the first and second episodes completed. It's garbage to say the least.

    I'm not sure if they just have completely inept game testers or if they truly wanted to inflict such a gigantic pile of dog feces on the public, but either way, truly an epic fail on all accounts.
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