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What did you think of savannah?

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like lee said 'it could be bad, or completely under control'.
but in the the trailer he says that its more dangerous then he thought so what do you think? :)
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  • Well, since radio-dude warned Lee to get off the streets in the preview, the city either has walkers, or issues among the living.
  • I think the herd will follow them there. Maybe the radio guy saw them coming and that's why he told them to get off the streets?
  • Could be the herd as well, I suppose. I just thought that the herd would arrive either late in Ep. 4 or the beginning of Ep. 5, but I don't remember how far the train was from the city when it got moving again.
  • It was quite a way away to Savannah, and the herd would be moving very slowly. If they weren't distracted while heading there it would take weeks, I think, for them to get there.
  • Savannah was run over by zombies a couple of months prior. We heard it the voice recorder in Clem's house. I think they'll be trouble there - and the problem will be compounded by the approaching walkers from Macon.

    Still, I think the main problem will stem from the living.
  • I think it's going to be hell, unless something drew the walkers away from it.
  • Maybe it's full of zombies and we have to cover ourselves in zombie guts etc. and use button sequences or something to 'sneak' through them, and whenever there's an option to speak we should only use '...'
  • ...I think Savannah = City of Hell.
    It's going to be far worse than Macon, Imho... Let's just wait :D
  • Zombies are Awesome!;674618 said:
    well i don't think there will be any walkers there, i think you might have to deal with the living first :D
    Rather deal with walkers. The town seems deserted, no walkers, no living except for us and the talkie guy. Anyone else getting a "Silent Hill" vibe from this, because the deserted metropolis frightens me more than one brimming with walkers.
  • The radio reporter in Glenn's delivery car at the end of Episode 1 states Savannah as a Stage 9 catastrophe, which is the same rating given to Atlanta.

    From what we know of Atlanta (comics & TV series) we can guess that Savannah isn't going to be pretty.
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