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Clem's Walkie Talkie

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to argue with me!

There seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the walkie talkie. A lot of people on this board seem to think that the person on the other end is either A) Clem's Dad or connected to her Dad in someway - B) Connected to Glenn or - C) been talking to Clem ever since Macon.

A - Clem's dead is either dead or a walker. He was attacked by a strange man outside of the hotel. The same hotel the group is currently headed towards.

B - I really don't see how this is possible unless Glenn ran into a another group and somehow gave or lost the radio. Then this person or group made their way to Savannah before Clem's group did. A long way with a lot of zombies in between. This has to be the least likely scenario.

C - MOST radios like this do not have that long of a range. It's about 130 miles or so from Macon to Savannah. It would be a stretch to think that Clem found a radio and another person in Savannah just happened to another radio with that type of range. And, they happened to be on at the same time. Possible, but unlikely.

Solution, IMO: Clem started using the radio the closer she got to Savannah in the hopes her parents would have the other one. Remember though, she had one in the tree house, and Lee used the other in the kitchen. Glenn took that one. (See B above.)

Clem, being young, alone, and afraid probably started clicking on the radio and asking for her Mom and Dad - just like she did in the tree house back home. She probably heard nothing at first, but then someone in Savannah was scanning - maybe with a HAM radio or something. The stars aligned and this pervert or another group of bandits heard her and is pretending to know the whereabouts of her parents - thinking Clem's group is loaded with supplies.

Either way, I just don't see any type of happy ending for the group in Savannah. Maybe Huey's on River Street is open and they can get some Shrimp n Grits!

Of course, we could all be wrong.
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  • I love how many characters in the game say that Clementine "is a mystery". Possibly foreshadowing to her relationship with the unknown man?
  • The other day at Target I saw a $70 walkie with a 40mile range, since I'm sure reception is crappier the closer to 40miles you get I give the guy a possible 30-35 mile range.
  • dankirk;669389 said:
    It is obviously alien technology.... Or future technology. Either an alien or someone from the future is talking to Clem. Duh!
    or he just use a radio station to send the broadcast it's remind me of dead light but the important question is who is this guy and what dose he want from clem or lee ?
  • grumpyjedi;669596 said:
    dosent glenn use the walkie to talk to rick in the tank
    That's in the tv show. The game has no connection to the tv show it follows the walking dead comic branch. In the comic Glen sees rick from an alley way and leads Rick to safety. Neither Rick or Glen have a walkie talkie in Atlanta. It isn't until the road to Washington story arc when Eugine has one which is over year after Glen met Rick.
  • I bet the old guy is just someone who is helping Clems mum and who we then work with. I could see Telltale tricking us like that .
  • darknessofheart;671007 said:
    I've been thinking recently that perhaps "the crazy person" mentioned by Clem's mother who attacked her father was not a walker, but someone who has a grudge against the family. After all, there is a clear difference between crazy person and a walking corpse that eats people. I think Clem's mother would've realized this and specified more, unless she was just hiding the truth, but I think there is a possibility that the person that attacked the father was not a walker, but an old enemy with connections to the family and knowledge of Clementine.
    I think you may be on to something. I just recently heard the telephone message during the beginning of Episode 1, and indeed it could have been a crazy person, or someone with a grudge against the family. Also, during the 2nd message, Clementine's Mother says "They're not letting us leave." Suggesting that they could be either in a shelter, or were kidnapped while visiting the city. Using common sense the kidnapping part makes more sense, because once they found out about the walkers, they would have left Savannah in search of their daughter. They wouldn't stay in a shelter unless they knew something was going on. Which brings up the idea that they were kidnapped, then the apocalypse began while in their sequestration. That, or the hotel they were in found out about the walkers, and didn't tell their guests. Either way, Clementine's parents being kidnapped is a legit possibility.
  • Or the 'not letting us leave' could be referring to a quarantine or something.
  • I would assume that the "not letting us leave" part is more of being penned in by a military quarantine. If they were kidnapped, would the kidnapper really let Clem's mom call her daughter twice more? I think it's more likely that her dad was bitten in the early stages of Savvanah being overrun, which is why her mom seemed so calm about it in the first message. She took him to a hospital where, as they treated him, the military enacted a quarantine when they discovered people there had been bitten/attacked and tried to contain the virus in the hospital. Hospital was being overrun with walkers during the final message, or at least some very bad stuff was going down.
  • Sisterofshane;669606 said:

    In the preview for episode 4, it seemed like a toss up to me of whether he was warning Lee or threatening him. I do get the feeling though that maybe he is not as dangerous as we think.
    Yeah, I get the feeling all the hype is a misdirection and may end up being a great help to the group.

    And maybe just maybe all of the choices done around Clem are being reported to her "parents" and that effects the way the mystery person treats Lee.

    "Do you really think a person who killed two people in cold blood should be looking after a little girl?"


    "How do we know that you wont abandon this little girl like you did one of the people in your group."

    It would be a most welcome outcome to finally see choices made throughout the game all tie together and have a real impact on the game.
    Zeruis;672028 said:
    I love how many characters in the game say that Clementine "is a mystery". Possibly foreshadowing to her relationship with the unknown man?
    Naw, it's just cause she is a brooding black woman.
  • I do think the "crazy" guy from the message was a zombie - think about this: This is Kirkman's universe, and he has said the walkers aren't called zombies because no one knows what they are; Romero never made Night of the Living Dead in this universe. So, a guy who looks sick and smells bad comes out of the shadows and takes a bite out of you; what would you call him? Remember, no zombie apocalypse. You've never heard of this - or bath salts either. :o

    Also this, I'm playing through the game again and making the opposite choices I made the first time. When Lee and Kenny come back to the motor inn at the beginning of ep3, I noticed Clem talking on her walkie talkie. She didn't do that the first time I played. Maybe 'cause at the end of ep2 I mentioned the walkie talkie this time, I don't know.

    So, my point is this: I don't think she is talking to this mysterious man in Savannah while in Macon. Why would TTG put that important clip of Clem talking on the walkie at the motel in one version and not in the other? If that was an important part, it would be something you'd see in any version - no matter what path you take.

    Also, in the comics, Rick talks to Lori on a phone - that isn't connected and after Lori is dead. (Sorry, television fans!) Michone talks to her sword. I think it may just be something the characters do; they hold onto something from the "before" time as a coping mechanism. I think that's what Clementine does; it's only when they get close to Savannah that the strange man picks up the signal.

    Come on, TTG!! Puts us out of our misery and release ep4! We'll no the answer to this question, and then we'll move onto something else!
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