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Clem's death - Anyone see this?

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Yet again, i'm playing through ep 3 trying to look for spoilers. In the train station when Lee boosts Clem over the fence she is trapped with a walker. Lee's gun skids under the door for Clem to get a hold of. She freezes up and doesn't help Lee kill the walkers after him.

As an experiment I went back and looked to see if she got me the keys and if I didn't open the door, if she would shoot the walker coming after her. The walker takes about 20 seconds to get to her so I just waited. Lone behold she did nothing and is overtaken by the walker.

Anyway I frapsed it to see what she would do, and the outcome broke my heart. I can post vid if anyone wants.
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  • Is it just me? but when she gets eaten she sounds like a distressed chimp.
  • FarmerJoe;675950 said:
    Is it just me? but when she gets eaten she sounds like a distressed chimp.
  • Zeruis;675905 said:
    What the hell...In situations like these, Lee is ALWAYS supposed to die. Not someone else...
    It's kinda hard to see but it looks like when he sticks his arm through the bars the zombie grabbed hold of his hand/arm. Either way Clementine dying would be a major change in story arc, especially if it had happened in Act 3 considering majority of the characters we grew to know ended up dying or being exiled. Any game has it's limits, if Clementine had died at this stage two major story arcs would be non-existent in the third episode, the mysterious stranger, and the possibility of her parents (or mother) being alive.
  • That scream is terrible! I'm going to have nightmares now.
  • Argh... not going to watch that one. I don't want to see Clem hurt :(
  • I wanted to let her do it herself too. "Learn by doing." Instead THIS happened. And after I had so much trouble with the previous scene and rewound to let her do it herself.
  • Oh god, that's chilling. My stomach felt like lead there.

    I told her when Duck was being taken care of that 'that will never happen to her' and I mean it.

    I shan't allow it.
  • It didn't phase me--I guess i've seen worse in games :(

    Guys I just realised, if we keep bumping this thread we're going to scare the pants off of someone who came onto the forum recently, because they would just see "Clem's Death" in the spoiler forum.
  • They shouldn't go to the spoiler forums then, should they? image
  • hey at least she tried, not bad for an 8 yr old
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