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[Spoiler]Clementine's mother

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I can not believe no one has posted about this yet. I seriously believe that Jolene was Clementine's mother. Firstly, she had Clementine's hat inside her tent, secondly at the end of episode two she was focusing on filming Clementine. Now, it could be coincidences, but at the camp when lee and the cannibal confronted her, if you choice the "Where did you get this hat?" dialog option, this is what she says.

Lee: "Where did you get this hat?"
Jolene: "The little girl."
Lee: "You STOLE it from her."
Jolene: "So what if I did? You stole her from ME!!!"

You can also check it on video, skip to 7:00.

So, the cannibal (can't remember his name :P) actually (if its true) shot Clementine's mother. You still think the bastard deserved to live at the end of episode 2, and do you think my theory is correct? :)

EDIT: Actually slash what I said, her real mother is named Diana,, but this gave me another theory, do you think it was Clementine's mothers sister? Maybe her cousin? That would explain the You stole her from me part. It could also be her babysitter, who says the zombie in episode 1 'was' the baby sitter? She could also have a secret big sister that ran away/moved, and thus was not in the family picture? I know Jolene is related to Clementine in some way. What do you think? :)
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  • Nightmare13245;639434 said:
    Well, she could be her mothers sister, that had a kid too, but she lost it, she then went crazy, and wanted to adopt Clementine because of the family relation. Cause, they is also Duck, why not take him? Why exactly Clementine. :)
    If she new Clementine she wouldn't refer to her as little girl. She would say her name even if she had mental issues and talked to her self or on the recording she would say Clementine at some point. She doesn't no Clementine nor had she seen her before she moved to the motor inn. She didn't even identify the girl as Clementine when Lee asked how she got the hat. She referred to her as little girl.

    As to why she wasn't interested in duck, she didn't loose a son, she lost a daughter so Clementine would have reminded her of her lost daughter, hence the obsession.
  • jaybreezy;639439 said:
    This is the second time that someone has said that Jolene's daughter was dead. Was this confirmed and I missed it?
    this is the walking dead remember. If Joleen's daughters death wasn't confirmed it's because it didn't have to be. In that lawless reality where canibilism and rape is now way of life a young girl that is kidnapped and raped will not be left alive. The only time characters return from dangerous situations in the walking dead is if they are important to the story i.e Michonne in the comic, Morgan, Rick's family. Anyone else can be assumed dead because of the level of danger and risk in that world. In the comic Kirkman doesn't need to confirm Lily's death or the deaths of the rest of the Woodbury members attacking the prison because it was mentioned that they were out of ammunition and the prison was over run by a heard of zombies. When you consider that a heard of zombies can take down buildings there was no possible way for anyone to have survived that attack. Her death is implied but it is as good as confirmed. I would say that the same goes for joleen's daughter. That is what bandits do they rape and kill children in the walking dead. They attempted to do same thing to Rick's son during their travels. In the world of the walking dead the humans are a bigger threat than the zombies.
  • Vainamoinen;639451 said:
    I say "likely". If she was taken by the cannibals, she was eaten; if there was some incident with the bandits, her death is even more likely. Anything BUT her gruesome death would have left Jolene with the slight bit of hope that might have saved her mental state.

    Did they really hint at her DAUGHTER being raped? I thought that happened to Jolene herself...
    That's what happens to kidnapped victims both male and female in the world of the walking dead. If the bandits kidnapped Joleen's daughter you can be pretty sure that they would have raped her or traded her to cannibals, it's not like she would have had any skills that they could have benefited from keeping her alive and untouched.
  • Milosuperspesh;639640 said:
    jolene is not related to diana/clem mom at all

    imo she was a savelots employee who was camping with her daughter (not clem) in the woods everything was fine till the bandits found her the took her daughter had fun with her (possible rape, she ran away got turned or eaten by the st johns.

    she was attacked by the bandits was spying on the st johns and lee's group and she goes crazy clem being a young girl reignites her maternal instinct too which she SOMEHOW steals clems cap...(how the smeg she pull that off?)
    Joleen was actually camped with the save lots bandits before they turned on her took her daughter hence why she knows them by name. According to TWD wiki she was part of their group.
  • Clementine's mother's name is " Diana ". The crazy woman they meet in the woods, name is " Jolene ". :)
  • I say Nope! Clementine's mother's name was " Diana ". The woman they meet in the woods is " Jolene ".
  • Jolene was not Clementine's mother. Se was just a crazy and retarded bitch a caring mother who couldn't save her child from being murdered (and probably, raped). She went insane when she lost her daughter, I don't think she got any kind of relationship with clementine at all.
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    TC...manye people would lose all respect for TT if they came out with some bs like Jolene was Clems auntie...
  • man the rape word instantly triggers molly and the doctor doing stuff
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