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My complete Bone action figure collection.

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Some time ago I proudly presented on a action figure forum a picture displaying my Bone Resaurus action figure collection, that I thought was complete ( )
Unfortunately, as many pointed out, it wasn't :mad:

I'm honoured to claim agian that my Bone collection is now complete, with the arrival of the purple rat creature. I quickly made some pics (with flash and without flash, and both suck :( ).


FYI my figures include:

4 Fone Bone figures:
the original frowing face Fone Bone,
the smiling face edition,
the Toyfare edition w/Ted & map,
and the repaint w/a resculpted head.

2 Smiley Bone figures:
with red vest and tongue,
with blue vest and cigar and smile

2 Rat creature figures:

2 Phoney Bone figures:
Regular Phoney Bone,
Captain Ahab Phoney

2 Hooded one figures:
Regular Hooded One,
glow-in-the-dark Hooded One


Gran'Ma Ben

full-size Kingdok

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