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Would you leave Lilly if she had killed Ben?

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If, instead of Carley or Doug, Ben was killed would you leave Lilly by the road or taker her with you?
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  • I figured Ben was the traitor even before the bandit attack on the motel, so I wouldn't have left her if she killed him, although I prefer exile to execution. Carley, on the other hand was killed without discussion or evidence and mainly because she pissed Lilly off, which is why I left her because, like Kenny said, if she would kill Carley out of anger then how do I know she won't kill him? I don't know whether I'd have left her or not if it was Doug I had with the group instead of Carley, since his death is so different and more of an accident, but I haven't done a playthrough where I saved him yet.
  • Other than if she kills Clem, I will take Lilly with me on the RV regardless of who she kills. Last time it was Carley, this time Ben maybe next time Kenny......Lilly is coming with me on the RV every time.

    In the case of Clem, the screen would turn red and will say Lee died. Then restart. I hope Lilly does not shoot Clem because then I will be stuck in a programming loop and the game would be over.
  • Red Panda;676488 said:
    No offense taken and yes, I do, for every single thing.

    I'm sorry for making you re-discuss topics. I can see how stressed it's making you. I feel horrible. Really.

    By the way, where else is this being discussed?
    Nowhere but it is easier to continue it in an already existing thread instead of always making new ones.

    Kiel555, I don't think Lilly would ever hurt a child willingly. She even takes care of Clem on some occasions so, no, this is not a possible scenario. Don't worry :P

    People seem to make Lilly as if she's killing people for fun. Just because you all love Carley doesn't mean that Lilly couldn't have suspected her of being the traitor.
  • I didn't vote because in my cannon, Lilly doesn't even make it out of the Motor Inn.
  • Guess I'll have to abstain, because I really have no idea what I would have done.
  • Yep, I'd have left her there. Ben made a mistake and he'll have to live with the consequences, that doesn't make him a traitor and it certainly doesn't mean he deserves to be killed. If he wanted to actually betray the group then no one would have made it out of that inn alive.
  • I would leave anyone who took the decision over life and death of a group member into his/her own hands. I would even have left Kenny, had I been given the chance, after what he did with Larry.
  • Rock114;676449 said:
    Can't there be an "I don't know" option in the poll? She still killed a member of the group, a scared kid at that, but we didn't have nearly as much time with Ben as we did with Doug and Carley.
    Might as well be the 'game over' option as your group starves to death in your indecision lol
  • zapphoman;676517 said:
    I didn't vote because in my cannon, Lilly doesn't even make it out of the Motor Inn.
  • Nope, she would have been more than welcome to stay in the group. Shoot, I would have given her a medal.
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