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Everybody LOVES.......Who?

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Who will be the crowd's favourite?
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  • You might be able to find her in Prison. That's where murderers go.
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    ZombieBlaster;667923 said:
    Clem - even if she's a a little girl, she has a bit of trusting issues on ep4

    Carley - Trustworthy, loyal, can handle a gun, likeable, innocent and most of all HOT!
    We don't need any hot women in this game! if you would like to see hot women just go and watch Porn :(

    Carley death was good choice and you're not in a place to judge about this game
  • Hard to pick. I love a lot of these characters. In fact the only ones I don't care for are Christa and Omid at the moment. Larry was a dick, but I sympathized with him (which should be a good thing for any possibly unsympathetic character).

    I will say Clem because she is just so adorable. I love Carley and Lee is a terrific lead character, but there's just something so charming about Clem's innocence combined with wisdom above her age.
  • I really liked Doug, But it makes me sad why he would sacrifice himself for Ben, but i guess he didn't know that...right?
  • Lee, 'cuz in a ZA it's too traumatic to like anyone other than no. 1.

    Actually, I seriously like him alot as a lead character, he's one of my favorites. Next is Clem and Carly. Mark was no. 4 while he was around, I took a liking to him very quick, I knew the St. Johns weren't going to be around this world long when I saw Mark dragging his body around the floor without his legs. Kenny is no. 5, I can't stay mad at the poor guy even if he keeps leaving me to die. Chuck's cool so far and I liked Lilly somewhat for the first 2 episodes.
  • I like Omid, he shared an interest in Civil War history with Lee, and he can be a really funny guy even in near-death situations. Jump! NO! Jump, dammit! Still no! I just wish he was more of an expert in the art of jumping onto a train..
  • Clem, everyone loves Clem so I shouldn't need to prove it by voting for her. I went with Kenny because he's had my back, but most importantly of all: he's the only one left besides Lee and Clem from the original group. There's comething to be said about being there from the beginning. None of the new meat can even imagine half the crap the original group went through.

    Also, Carley above Clem? I'm shocked. If it was a choice between Clem and Carley in that pharmacy I'd pick Clem every time, even after playing episode 3.
  • Rock114;676573 said:

    Also, Carley above Clem? I'm shocked. If it was a choice between Clem and Carley in that pharmacy I'd pick Clem every time, even after playing episode 3.
    Not everybody likes kids that much. I mean, it would suck if Clem died, but I'd wouldn't shock me as much as Carley's death did.

    I know the whole whining over Carley's death can be a little annoying, but that doesn't mean her fans are wrong in liking her. There is no objective reason why one should prefer Clem over Carley.
  • :confused:I am surprised that more didn't pick Lee. He's my fave because he's the one that is representing me and my choices (loosely) in the game.
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