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Can not load Episode 2 of TWD on xbox 360.

posted by joejoetestmonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 330 users
Played through Episode 1. Watched credits, started episode 2, get black screen with a few white pixels lit on the left side and music. Full stop. Have to dashboard button out. Game does not respond to any other input. Any idea on how I might get this resolved?
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  • Delete and redownload from the dashboard
  • jangjangchang;675393 said:
    Delete and redownload from the dashboard
    Done. Deleted first and second episode, cleared cache, rebooted, re-downloaded both, reboot.

    Same result.
  • Starting a new game and saying yes to the 'generate random choices' question for episode 2 seems to work. Without being able to dig into the file system on the xbox to trouble-shoot further, it would seem that the save game from my first game is corrupt and or is not being read correctly and kicking off the freeze up.

    So, what I know so far...
    Episode 1 works fine as a stand alone Episode.
    Episode 2 works fine as a stand alone Episode as long as I start with 'random choice generation'.
    Episode 2 will freeze up as soon as it starts to load if I am continuing my game from the Episode 1 save file.

    (in my case)
    Deleting and Re-downloading content does not help.
    Clearing xbox cache does not help.
    Rebooting the xbox and restarting the TWD application does not help.
    Signing out of the xbox and back in does not help.
    [I am connected to xbox live when I play TWD]
  • Well, at least I can answer one question...

    The ticker message on the top of the main menu says the following...

    "Episode 3: Long Road Ahead is now available! Will the choices you made in Episode 1 and 2 come back to haunt you?"

    No. Not at all.
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