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Do you ever rewind?

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In the comics and TV show the characters face some tough calls they have to make and they can't go back on it once it's done. This game has a rewind feature so if you really can't live with what you just did you can fix that but do you use it? There were tons of times where I wanted to like when I helped Kenny kill Larry or killed the brothers but I decided rewinding would feel cheap. I do copy my episode in a empty save slot and rewind to play my favorite parts and fights though.
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  • I have one save that tells it all! No rewinds, just pure tragedy!
  • That's the best way to play this game IMO, keep at least one save slot for your initial playthrough. I do that, my first save slot is my initial playthrough where I live with the choices I make no matter what. I killed Danny, killed Jolene, abandoned Lilly. I regret some of my choices but I'll play them through to the end.
  • I have one save and use the other slots as backup copies of my game. I only use the rewind feature when I've accidently clicked on the wrong choice. That's happened a couple of times now.

    I don't use the rewind feature to try and go back and make a better choice. In a game called the walking dead, I make split second decisions, stand by those decisions and suffer the consequences of those decisions. I don't want it any other way.
  • I've used all three saves:
    My canon save where rewinds are 'forbidden'.
    My Team Kenny save.
    And my third which is my Asshole Lee save.

    I've only used the rewind feature a couple of times on the Asshole Lee save when I made a decision that didn't quite fulfil the asshole quota for that part of the game. Some of things that I've said or done have been heartbreaking though.
  • I've rewound once on my first play though in barn, only because I didn't actually mean to kill the bastard, I just didn't find the other target in the heat of the moment (Oops! No, no, no, no... rewind! Shit!).
  • The way I play when I rewind is to completely forget what happens in the next episode(s), and just play from what choices I would make.
  • To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the rewind does... I'm assuming it lets you skip back to previous parts of the story keeping your choices intact....

    ....and thus I don't use it.
  • i dont rewind but i replay it, the first save is my choices of what i think is the best and sticking with it, my second is the opposite(in motivations as well as sides etc.) and the third is sort of my "directors cut"
  • Once and once only and that was to stop Clementine eating the human meat.
  • 8Bit_System;676652 said:
    I have one save that tells it all! No rewinds, just pure tragedy!

    The only time I rewound was because of a bug.
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