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What is your favorite part or fight of the game?

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List your favorite moments or parts of the game here and include why if you want to.

For me it is a very close call between The Dinner scene or fighting Andy in Episode 2. I'll have to go with the Andy part since it's epic finishing him off with his own rifle and walking away. I also like his dialogue a lot.

Besides the entire game being my favorite part here's a few of my top favorite moments.

1. Fighting Andy
2. Dinner.
3. Taking care of Duck.
4. The train station fight with Clementine.

I have 6 save slots and I use the last one to copy my game and just replay my favorite parts.
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  • 1. Fighting Andy
    2. Taking care of Duck
    3. Pharmacy attack / choose Doug or Carley
    4. Bandit raid on the motel
  • I'd say my favorite fights are....
    1) Clearing the motel - almost felt like a survival horror experience.
    2) Defending the motel... before abandoning it.
  • My favorite fight is definitely the one with Andy. Epic soundtrack, and very dramatic.
  • Ep. 1) Clearing the inn,

    Ep. 2) Andy, "Don't you walk away from me Lee!", and

    Ep. 3) Bandits at the motor inn (ep. 3).
  • 1) Andy. Def. Andy... I mean, The fight was so epic.. The soundtrack, As Zeruis mentioned, Was great also.

    2) Taking care of Duck. It was dramatic.. I didn't LOVE The guy, But.. I miss him Q-Q

    3) Train Station. The entire thing with the train station, When we find a Gas Tank, Followed by Clem in the station, Followed by a herd of walkers. Epic.
  • I loved the dinner sequence. That sinking feeling. Just to milk the drama, I specifically chose ambiguous dialogue. "DON'T EAT THAT! This woman, right here, is fucking INSANE!" Probably would have helped to be more direct, but I liked it.

    Also, gotta love the babysitter scene. It really got me into the game.
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