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Do Christa and Omid have potential?

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Do you think Christa and Omid have potential to be well liked by fans, like Carly and Doug were?
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  • no they both just seem like zombie bait too me. especially Omid with his broken leg
  • Potential, but so far none of it is realized. They have just very one dimension personalities right now so they need to develop them soon or they will just be a burden to the story.
  • No, I don't think they'll be popular. Though I personally like them both.

    Carley and Lilly were loved because they are able bodied young women who were at times stereotypically feminine. Lilly was at heart a scared little child around (and in the absence of) her dad and Carley reverted to the mental state of a five year old when forced to deal with those complicated mechanical thingies. Their willingness to please men in this way made them likeable "well-mannered" girls, instead of potentially threathening "ill-mannered" women.

    Omid and Christa on the other hand don't fit so well into the chauvinist natural order of things. Omid is obviously weaker both mentally and physically than the "boy arsed" Christa. He's shorter, less sharp, more cowardly, has an embarassing macho hobby, can't take nagging, acts like a child in the train and now even walks with a limp. At the end of the ep 4 trailer he seems to have lost the use of his bum leg entirely. Since Christa is so strongly placed into the caretaker role and Omid seems to be getting more and more helpless as the story progresses, their relationship is too much like a relationship between a whining child and a mother. The fact that Crista is probably pregnant and so keen in mothering Clementine (and Lee) only makes her more dangerously maternal.

    So no, I doubt they'll be popular. As far as I know, weak men who are in the tow of their mothering spouses aren't all that common or liked in games. Generally maternal characters are only praised as villains. Christa will also be disliked since she "replaces" the two girly girls.
  • I don't get why she's anything like Lilly, people need to understand she's gone. Get her out of your head. She shot Carley, a character that barely mattered. Yes, I loved how she'd always trust in me and believe I was doing what's right, but there's no room for a character like that. Having someone with all perks and no flaws besides the trivial backwards batteries is no fun.
  • I don't like Christa, because so far, her only contribution is to yell at Lee for how he's trying to teach Clem to survive (apparently Christa finds fault with people who are trying their best instead of finding a way to help) and yell at Lee for saving her (apparently Christa has no idea that in TWD, an injured person is a liability until they die, so the healthy and able should be saved first). During the entire time working on the train, Christa did nothing, while Omid learned how the train works and was dangled out over an overpass to help strangers.

    Christa so far is a worthless complainer while Omid is a team player. Too bad he's going to die. Christa will need to do something besides be Clementine's babysitter if she wants to win people over.
  • Joshua1991;668946 said:
    Do you think Christa and Omid have potential to be well liked by fans, like Carly and Doug were?
    Of course, but ultimately it depends on how well written they are in the next couple episodes.
  • I'm sure most fans will warm up to them in time (to use as walker bait).
  • Short answer? Yes, if pulled off well.
  • No, I think they won't be as popular. If you were emotionally attached to Carley, Katjaa or Duck will be cautious to make the same mistake again. Plus: The effect wears off over time.
  • I don't think I'll hate them, but I'll never like them as much as Mark, or Larry or Lilly. After losing so many people I don't think anyone will like them as much. My Lee, who started out as a good guy, doesn't give two shits about anyone but Clem and Kenny now.
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