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Episode 3 idea, or at least episode 5.... or 27

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Any episode that hasn't been pre-thought-out all the way, don't care which.

Okay, here it is: Dangeresque 3: The return of Dangeresque!
It will be like "Another 48 Hours", where Homestar reprises his role as Dangeresque, too? in another attempt to do whatever crime-style fighting Dangeresque chooses to do. Now all we need is the Chapmans to think it is a good idea.....

Even if this Dangeresque doesn't work, you gotta admit that the movie series is perfect point-and-click adventure material, unless it strays too close to Sam and Max's territory plot-wise. They are Freelance Police after all. If my idea is used though (unless you thought it up already), I will sign the release forms so fast that your fax machine will print it, wait 3 seconds, then spontaneously explode.
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